On Sundays around here in Germany there really isn't much TO DO. I mean, well there is, but you better believe you will not be shopping! All grocery stores and other stores are totally closed on Sundays. Well, at least down here in Bavaria. The things that are open tend to be restaurants, cafes, and museums. 

We've finally been having some amazing weather around these parts, and on Sunday it was a high of beautiful 60+ Degree F weather. Man, it was pretty amazing. I feel like I haven't seen the sun in ages! I feel like an allover new person here with the sun shining and things blooming, finally! If I prayed, I would say that my prayers were answered! lol. 

So, I told husband, "Get ready to leave the house! We're going out!
"Where?" he asked me.
"None-ya". I said with a smile. 

I took him to Lichtenau, a town that is about 10 minutes away from where we live in Ansbach. I knew that there were a ton of Geocaches in that area! So off we went!

We got there and I said: 

This is your Surprise Geocaching Adventure Extraordinaire! Husband!! :) 

He wasn't as excited as I was... Lame. Ah well. 

I get out of the car and my geocaching app was not working! LE SIGH. I was so frustrated. Husband tried working with his app on his phone, and that was working, our adventure was not a bust! 

First thing was first. I knew that Lichtenau had a castle of sorts, and I wanted to see it! So we headed off in that direction. Of course, I was distracted by the awesome buildings. I just love buildings here in Germany. 

This (above) is a restaurant. It wasn't open, which was a shame, but it was still super cool to look at. And you see that underpass thingie? Well, someone LIVED there! Like, it's a house too! I thought that was just the coolest. Sometimes, I really want to knock on people's doors to ask to see the insides of their house. Is that weird?

This (above) building didn't look in the best of shape. A lot of it was boarded up, but I really thought the shape was something else! I really thought it was cool! I painted it too, but I will show you all tomorrow! 

Church tower. The colors in person looked a bit different. Like the top of the tower, looked more blue and less black. 

This was a part of the castle. The entrance to the main part was there on the left. Unfortunately it wasn't open on Sunday. Totally lame, usually museums and things are open on Sundays. 

It wasn't a total loss because we could still walk to the top-ish of the castle thing. There was like, parking and stuff at the top. It was cool to go up there, and see the views of little Lichtenau. 

After viewing the much needed to view castle ma-bob, we headed off to our first Geocache in Lichtenau. It was a success! Also, thankfully my geocaching app started to work! Yipee! I like to be able to see it on my phone too, and husband can use his too, if he wants. 

Husband and I don't take anything from Geocaches, because we haven't come up with a good something to replace them with. So, we just go for the adventure, walking, seeing the town, etc. I really think it's really fun to do somewhere new! 

Our second Geocache wasn't so successful... 

It was near this creek, somewhere... You see, it's not so easy being an english speaking geocacher in Germany! haha. Especially when my translater app was on the fritz! But, we do our best, and can understand SOME German. But a lot gets lost in translation. We were unable to find the cache, however, I was happy to see this stream. It was really a gorgeous little area! All I could think about though, was how much puppy would love to be there with us then. He didn't go with us on Sunday, because sometimes he's a straight up pain in the rear. I also wanted to spend time alone with husband. 

The other benefit of the location of this cache that we couldn't find was that we saw all kinds of evidence that there were beavers in the area! I was so excited to see the tree above! It made me giddy! Then, I completely had forgotten that we were looking for a cache and I was on a hunt for a beaver! I have only seen a beaver in the wild, in person, once before... And I was young. They're such amazing creatures! 

The third Cache was also a success! Awesomely placed under the road in a tunnel that the stream went through. If I was smart though, I would have had husband just go in there, because there were soooooo many spiders! YUCK! 

The fourth cache was a pretty good one too. It was placed in someone's yard. Well, on their fence. That totally made me nervous though, I thought that my coordinates were way off because it was telling me to be right near this person's home! It was totally uncomfortable for me, I mean, could you imagine the possible confrontation that could result? A German yelling at me. I would shrivel up and die, they already sound kind of angry all the time! haha. But then I realize that the person who owned the place probably put it there! And then I felt okay about it. 

The last cache we found was up the hill on a path. This was a pretty good one! The coords seemed to be slightly off, so I had to use my resources. My geocaching app had some photos, no, not ones that would count as cheating! But it was of this person's kid holding the cache. It didn't even show where the cache was. But I used the info in the photo, to pin point the location of the cache! I felt pretty awesome about that, like Sherlock. You know, Sherlock Holmes? haha. 

I was pretty much done walking after that, I am pretty sure we walked over 5 miles! My feets were hurting and my tummy was growling. I was feeling pretty adventurous on Sunday, so I opted to find a restaurant we haven't been to yet! THAT TOO was a successful venture! I am terrible at trying new restaurants, I know what I like, and it's really difficult for me to sway from that! 

Have you geocached before? Have you tried it in a nearby town you haven't really investigated yet? I really recommend it! 

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