On Sunday husband and I went to Lichtenau and did some Geocaching! [you can read that here]. I also got some great shots of some buildings, to paint in my Art Journal! I am pretty proud of them. I haven't really tried painting buildings before and it was AWESOME. Haha. I can't wait to get out of the house to go and paint some things in downtown Ansbach! 

Then, I got started on another insect. They're quite time consuming, and very detailed. I very much enjoyed painting this butterfly. It is a "Alcidis agathyrus verso" whatever that means. It was pretty, so I painted it. 

The detail work was oh so tedious. But, very rewarding. I really love how it turned out!

Today, I had a hair up my rear to paint a frame. So I got on that! I searched for some vintage frames on Pinterest and Google a while back, and now I have this nice collection on Pinterest for reference. :)

At this point I was done inking. It spent most of the day on my desk like this, nekkid. I really couldn't decide which color to paint it! I was thinking blue, but then thought, "Man, I work with blue A LOT...". Then I was leaning towards green, because I love green too. By then I was chatting with Amanda on FB, and was telling her of my conundrum. She suggested that I work with a color that I don't work with often. So I picked yellow. :)

At this point, all was well and good, and then I felt like it needed to be off the page a bit. But I still think I ruined it... Sigh.

What do you think? I really wanted the frame to "come off the page" like I said... But maybe I failed at that a bit. I was doing soooo well with trying not to be a perfectionist whilst sketching this out. And I kind of feel like I ruined it. Everyone is saying that I didn't, but maybe sleeping, and coming back to it tomorrow, I will change my mind!

Also, update on the Home Based Business Application:
I freaking went and got every one in my stairwell to sign it! :) Woop, but let me tell you, it wasn't easy! I was so stinking nervous I started sweating! Haha. It wasn't so bad though. So, now it's all turned in! Thank goodness for scanning apps, and email! So he said that if I turn it in before the 27th of any given month, it should be done with the "process" of approval/disapproval by the end of the following month. I'll let you know if I hear of anything sooner! :) 

Also, let me know, if you see anything on my blog that I've painted, that you would totally buy as a print! It will help me decide what to take to the printer's! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :) 

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