So, I am on my iPhone ALL the time, how about you? Are you connected to your smart phone like... at your hip? Or perhaps your butt (mine's always in my right butt pocket)? Well, I thought I would show you what apps are my absolute most favorite! I use these apps almost every darn day. 

I know there are still some people (hard to think about yeah??) that are making the switch from a cell phone to a smart phone, and even from one smart phone to the other. So maybe this will help you make a decision, or, it will show you something you never knew you needed. haha. 

1. Instagram.

Now I don't even think I could tell you all well enough how much I love Instagram!! One, it's friggin' free!! And two, it's awesome. I have found so many artists to follow and feel like I have been gaining new friends almost daily!! Search for the things you love, and tag your photos appropriately to gain new followers! :)

I really like it because it can also share to other social networks. Twitter, Flickr, tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare. You can also use it to send an email! Love it.

One thing that has been frustrating me lately with Instagram is the spammers. It's a vicious circle because most people want to tag their photos, but those darn spammers search for popular tags and comment spam you! Jerks. So far I've found no way to rectify this situation unless I stop tagging my images, or make my profile private. Neither of which I want to do!!

Free // iPhone / Android.

2. Facebook Messenger.

Nearly everyone I talk to has Facebook! This is seriously one of the best ways to get ahold of me. No need to have a special texting app, just use Facebook messenger! It comes straight to my phone, which I have on me all the time! I don't know why people think they need a special texting app when they can use messenger just as easily! Silly people.

I use this app daily. So much in fact that I probably would have even paid for it. I love that it is separated from the original Facebook app! I could write a book on how many things I dislike about Facebook... however, the connection I get from it with the friends and family I have that don't even live in the same country as I do is irreplaceable! I say all the time that I'd love to delete my fb, but I never will!! Just because it keeps me in contact with people miles and miles away.

Free // iPhone / Android

3. Pinterest. 

Pinterest, need I really say more? Honestly, it is a fantastic app. Also, a terrific time waster! What do I do when I am pooping? Of course, I am Pinterest-ing. TMI? 

Pinterest is basically an online inspiration board. A place where you can bookmark amazing things; photos, ideas, DIY, recipes, travel destinations, you name it! It's there! I search here first for almost everything! 

I have found so many amazing things throughout Pinterest! I absolutely love sharing them with the world! Also, I love that I can follow stores, and other people on Pinterest to see what kinds of things they like! Another big benefit of Pinterest is that it is like your online shopping cart! When I pin something, I feel like I own it! Ha! 

Free // iPhone / Android

4. TuneIn Radio.

TuneIn Radio is a fantastic App! I use it all the time! It is basically a place where a bunch of radio stations are listed and you can pick any one of them to listen to! You could probably find your favorite hometown radio station! 

After a while in another country, I had started to feel as though I was really missing out on hearing the new and upcoming music! I found this app and it really had brought me back to music civilization! I hear new music all the time now. Thank goodness, I am not too behind! 

Free // iPhone / Android

5. Chrome.

Do you use Chrome on your desktop or laptop computer? Awesome! Me too, I was so happy that Chrome had an app for my iPhone because now, when I have something open in a tab on my laptop and I am heading out the door?? No biggie, I can pull it up wherever I go! 

It's super cool because your phone and computer will sync up and share which pages they have! It's totally rad and I use it all the time! Especially for recipes! Sometimes I just don't want to bring my laptop into the kitchen with me! So I'll bring my phone and open up the website super easy! 

Free // iPhone / Android

6. EEBA.

EEBA is something that I use every day! Husband and I have developed a great budgeting system and we use EEBA to keep track of it! The best part about this, is that it syncs between our phones! He has an Android and I have an iPhone! 

EEBA is the electronic version of the envelope budgeting system! It's perfect for us, especially since we use both USD and EURO! We can easily convert with a different app, and enter it into this one. Perfect. 

We have been using EEBA since Nov. 2012 and we are so happy with it, we even bought the paid version! We know exactly where our money is going with EEBA! 

Free // iPhone / Android

7. Converter+.

I use this app EVERY DAY. Being in a country other than the good ol' U.S. of A. can be pretty confusing sometimes! This app comes in handy to convert currency, temperature, length, and measurements! I love it, it's perfect for me, and terribly easy to use! 

It even has a changeable interface to only show you the things you convert on a regular basis! I totally recommend this app! 

Free // iPhone / Sorry, doesn't seem to be available for Android.

8. M. Calendar.

Sorry to the men that happen to read this, but I had to mention this fantastic app for keeping track of my periods and girly appointments and stuff that happens in every woman's life. Do yourself a favor, men, recommend this app to the women in your life!

I cannot remember things for the life of me, this app is the greatest to help me keep track of my periods and other things that goes on in my body! It comes in handy when I go to the doc's and they ask me when my last day, or first day of my last period was! 

You can also keep track of your "flow" and symptoms, and how you're feeling, emotionally and physically, that day! 

Free & Paid Versions // iPhone / Android
I have the Premium Version for iPhone.

9. Google Translate.

Again, living in a country that speaks something other than English can be stressful. I make it a little less stressful by having this app! I translate all kinds of things! Especially when husband's driving and I am passenger, I translate a lot of road signs! 

I totally use this on a regular basis in the German grocery stores to make sure I know what I am purchasing! (sometimes I don't use it, when I want to be a rebel.)

The translations aren't perfect, but it is really a life saver when you're at a restaurant and you want to know what you're eating! 

Free // iPhone / Android

10. Geocaching.

Husband and I just recently got into Geocaching. We LOVE it. This geocaching app has got to be my favorite one. It's the most up to date, and has the most geocaches in it's system. It's also hooked up to the website and syncs to it! 

We don't have one of those smancy handheld GPS systems, so we use our phones! It's fantastic! We Geocache on the go, all the time with this app! I even look up places we want to travel to see if they have geocaching opportunities there! 

They have free and paid versions. The free version lets you try it out for three Geocaches and then, sorry, you should decide if you want to buy it or not. I know the price of $10 seems a bit steep for an app on your smart phone, but let me tell you, it is WORTH it! It pays for itself SUPER fast! If you're interested in starting, or an avid Geocacher, this app (even the paid verison) is for you! 

                                        Free & Paid Versions // iPhone / Android

I use my iPhone all day every day. These apps make my life just that much more enjoyable! I thought I would share them with you! 

What are some apps that are your favorite and you use nearly everyday? Any that I should be aware of? Leave a comment and let me know! 


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