Found Love.  Now What?I have recently found a new link up hosted over at Found Love, Now What? I feel like this totally fits in with my blog, I am super excited to join in with this even though I might only be an expat for another year! 

Anyway, Belinda asked us to talk a little bit about how we're expats. Most of you know that I am a military spouse, and my husband got stationed in Germany. I'm from Oregon and hadn't really left it before I got married to husband, at the age of 22. I flew off to be with him in South Korea, we were there for 6 months and then got Germany handed to us on this magnificent platter that we call the Army Life. 

This time we're talking about weather! There is so much weather! I could probably talk about it for a while. Let's do this! 

What was your favorite season back home and is it the same now; why or why not?
Back home, my favorite season is summer. Here in Germany my favorite season is still summer. The weather here, compared to that of Oregon, is basically the same. Thankfully I didn't have to deal with a big change in climate. I love the summers here, they're pretty amazing. My favorite parts of the summers here are the late night sunsets, they are so amazing every night! And I love that the sun doesn't go down until after 10pm! 

Is there a place you would want to move to based solely on the weather?
I would love to live somewhere I didn't have to wear a coat ever. haha. Hawaii sounds really nice. I really love the beach and ocean! 

What is a piece an article of clothing that you had to buy for your new home due to the weather? i.e. galoshes, winter coat, etc
I had to buy some thick leggings. The kind with some fleece on the inside. Even though it snows in Oregon and here, it just seems to much colder here than it was in Oregon. Maybe, it's because I am getting older and I am more sensitive to the weather or something, but I don't ever remember being bothered by the cold so much! 

Have you found the weather stereotypes of your new home to be true?
People said that it rained a lot here. I disagree, they've obviously never experienced Oregon where it's almost constantly misting. lol. It does rain a lot in the summertime, at night and in the evenings, with awesome thunder and lightning storms! I don't mind this, it makes the world smell so good.

Is there somewhere you would never live based solely on the weather?
You know, I'd live anywhere once, however, I don't think I would live in Alaska for an extended period of time. I'd like to live there once though! 

What are you looking forward to most this spring?
I am just happy that the weather is getting warmer and things are starting to bloom! The trees are getting their leaves back and that makes me so happy for them! They're not gonna be nekky for much longer! 

Where you live, what is your go to outfit for spring?
Capris, tank top (if it's warm enough!), flip fops?? Who knows, weather changes so frequently you never know what you're gonna be wearing! 

What is one thing or event that you miss that happens back home at this time of the year?
They had 70 degrees F before we did. Pretty jealous about that.

If your hubs could bring home a bouquet of any type of flower, what you pick?
Anything with lilies! I love the smell of lilies!! 

What does your perfect Saturday look like?
Sunny, warm! Trees, flowers blooming and a nice long walk with husband and the dog along the many trails that Germany provides! 

Pretty much anyone can join in! Go check it out over at Found Love, Now What?.

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