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Hello, friends! Welcome to the first second installment of Small Business Tuesdays.  Chelsea, from Chelsea Beeswax, has asked me to host Small Business Tuesdays with her! Supporting small businesses is something we both enjoy doing, whether it's advertising an etsy shop or purchasing from a local thrift store. Of course, we can't afford to only shop small business yet, but we hope to get there in the future.

That's why we're hoping you'll link up with us each week and together we can get these wonderful people some traffic! It can be anything from blogs to etsy stores to instagram shops to farmer`s markets to local restaurants and retail stores. The possibilities are endless! Whether this linky gets big or stays small - any little bit of help counts. Especially in today`s economy. 

1. Keep your businesses PG-13 or cleaner.
2. Use the button (found at the end of this post) on your entries so others can find where to join in on this awesomeness!
3. Please leave a comment and let us know your opinions/ideas each week. 

This linkup will go live every Tuesday at 12:30am (Germany time haha) on my blog, and 12 midnight on Tuesdays over at Chelsea's blog, but feel free to drop your link in at any point during the week. W don`t have a large amount of followers, so please spread the word! We think this is all something that everyone can get behind, and a simple, yet great act of kindness.

Today I want to show you Water in my Paint! I love her stuff! She paints animals because THEY MAKE HER HAPPY. Oh boy, a woman after my own heart! How did she know?! Animals make ME happy too! *heart fluttering*

All images from Water in my Paint's Etsy Shop! Click here to view more! 

Doesn't the kitty with the headphones make you just squee?! It really makes me feel good deep down inside! It's so adorable! She has an orange cat, I am pretty sure it's that one! hehe.

photo from her ABOUT page.

I paint animals because animals make me happy. 
I started this shop 2 years ago just to see what would happen. At that time I was unhappily working as a freelance pattern drafter because I still didn't think it was possible to make a living as an artist (really, who does!?) Luckily the shop has grown and so has my excitment about it all. 
Unlike many artists who seem to have been born with a paint brush in their hand, the first time I seriously picked up a brush was in Fashion School where I was taught how to illustrate. It was illustration, not fashion, that stole my heart. 
I find inspiration in all types of animals but the ones who inspire me the most are the ones who keep me company all day (2 dogs, 2 cats). This trusty band of strays and runaways never fail to celebrate when a painting goes right, and commiserate when a painting goes bad. [source]

I am not sure where I first found Water In My Paint, but I knew I loved her! Haha. On her website she talks about how she talks to her animals and swears that they know what she's saying. No worries, I feel the same way girl! 

Go ahead! Stalk her! Head on over! 

So, what do you say guys? Have you got a favorite small business that you love? Get them some love! Make a post for Small Business Tuesdays, let the owner know you've high lighted them, and link up with us!

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