52 lists is a weekly link up hosted by MooreaSeal. I have come to realize this is a great way for reflection. 

Cleansing for spring has a really nice ring to it. I thought it was really interesting to deeply think about ways I could actually cleanse, my house, and my mind. 

Honestly, listing my essentials isn't too terribly hard. I don't carry around that much stuff. Mostly because I really dislike carrying things. It's a friggin' miracle that I even carry a purse. And let me tell you, it's not one of the GIANT purses either! It just fits what I need.

For some reason, the Starbucks frappaccinos that I can get at the grocery seem to be the only things that can give me energy on an emergency basis! lol.

On my own choice I decided to do 52 lists digitally. As to save 52 sheets of paper (of which I have no idea what I would have done with after this year was over). :) 

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