So my friend Chelsea over at Chelsea Beeswax decided to do a brand new link up that showcases awesome small businesses! Whether it be an Etsy shop, brick and mortar store, and the like, it's totally acceptable in this link up! 

I don't know about you, but right now, I am totally into the nature thing - Animals, plants, leaves, feathers, twigs, trees and branches! You name it, I love it! 

Then River Luna decided to bless my life with her presence! 


Image from her FB
I'm Marisa Redondo, the artist behind River Luna, living and working in Northern California. I work primarily with watercolors and oils.  
 Art has always been my greatest love. Growing up in the heart of San Diego drawing and painting was how I found a calm balance in the busy city. Once moving to Northern California, for the first time in my life, I was surrounded by open space. I'm fascinated by nature's creations and through watercolor I explore the organic patterns and intricate details impressed on everything from the earth. - From River Luna's Etsy About Page.

Her work pretty much makes me drool whenever I see it. I pretty much want to be besties with her. Her work is pretty much my favorite. It gave me the confidence to really step forth and work on my on art work, and take the steps necessary to get my Home Based Business License to open an Etsy Shop. 

The colors she uses are so natural and perfect for her art work, she has really got it goin' on. Marisa's use of watercolors and oils are top notch. I can only hope to be as amazing as she is one day! 

From River Luna's About Page on Etsy.
Really, just look at her studio. I die. Also, I totally need some of those drawers that she's got there. They look fabulous. 

Her Etsy Shop has been open since October 2011, and just look at the amazing strides she has taken! She has made almost 3,000 sales, and her work is totally affordable. She even offers payment installations if necessary! Now that's a thoughtful shop owner! 

If you're anything like me, and love nature, you'll love all of River Luna's work! High five to you, Marisa! You're amazing! 

Please visit River Luna:


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