I've decided to stop with trying to get paying sponsors for my blog. It really just started to take over for me, and then I read the post "Why Bloggers Should Stop Promoting Each Other". And I had an "AH HA!" moment. 

Like I said, I felt like it was really taking over. It has been a month since I've started this craziness and no one was biting. Yes, I did want the spare cash, and yes, I did want to experience what it would be like to be one of "those" blogs, you know, the kind that make some spare money (or more) with their blog. I started feeling like I failed some how. I am not one who likes this feeling.

So, I am giving it up.

However, I am keeping the free spots open because I feel like it gives me another opportunity to find some great blogs, and swap free buttons with other blogs and gain maybe one or two readers. I don't feel bad about these free spots, I think they're great. Also, I've added 4 additional spots, so 10 in total FOR FREE. :)

This month, I plan on trying to highlight the people who swap buttons with me, and figure out what they're all about. I do want to give back to my fellow bloggers and friends who take the time to visit my blog. I feel like this is the right thing to do, and I am pretty excited about it.

I still want people to guest post, and I still would love to review some products from some small businesses (or large, whatever). But this whole sponsorship stuff is just plain crazy. 

What do you think of all the sponsorship craziness that seems to be going around the blogsphere like a wildfire?

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