52 lists is a weekly link up hosted by MooreaSeal. I have come to realize this is a great way for reflection

Prompt #8 - List your favorite albums.... So I feel pretty stumped about this one! Mostly because I have NO clue which songs are on which albums so I think I will just list my favorite bands! How's that for compromise? ;) 

Prompt #9 - Oh listing the places I want to go is gonna be EASY PEASY. Because honestly, it's pretty much everywhere! ;) hehehe. 

You see, I would be happy with listing all the countries of the world! I would love to visit each and every one of them! 

On my own choice I decided to do 52 lists digitally. As to save 52 sheets of paper (of which I have no idea what I would have done with after this year was over). :) 

PS. If you're leaving a comment, please tick the box that says "subscribe to replies", that way you get an email when I reply to you! :) 

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