You probably don't know this about me, but I love flowers. I love that they can come in so many colors shapes and sizes! Mostly, I love the smell. So when I walked into the Commissary last Thursday and smelled the delicious scent of lilies, I made an impulse buy.

They're nearly all bloomed now, when I bought it there was only one opened. Which is totally why I bought it! You know, so it would last longer. But I am pretty disappointed they're almost all bloomed now.

So, I have had to do some research. Honestly, I suck at plants. I am going to be so disappointed when all the flowers die!

The first thing I came across that really caught my attention is that Easter Lilies have a WARNING that come with them.

Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats.

They say that they do not cause harm to humans or other pets, but to strictly keep them out of your home if you have cats, and can cause kidney failure. So bare that in mind!

I am going to keep an eye on Koodge, just in case he seems oddly interested in the plan at some time. He's got a sensitive stomach, so even though they say that it probably wont hurt him. I will still keep it out of his reach!

What I am reading everywhere is that it is necessary to plant it outside. I could do that. But, I would much rather keep it inside. I have read a couple of success stories about people replanting them continually in new pots when they get too big for the one they're in.

So even though the majority of my searches said that I should plant them outside... (feet in the shade heads in the sun). I am going to keep them inside. I have them in a very nice pot, with some rocks in the bottom (since it doesn't have any drainage holes). We live in Apartments, and don't really have a fabulous area to plant them. So that's why I want to keep them inside.

If you do want to plant them outside, wait until all the flowers have died, and you've cut them off. You replant them outside in occasional sunshine, and the bulb needs to be able 6-8" in the ground. Click the links at the bottom of this post for more information!

According to the websites, you should remove the flowers when they've faded and wilted. I kind of knew that already, but I will for sure do it. Especially since the first bloom that I had has already begun to wilt.

To keep the flowers happy, healthy, and unstained, remove the little yellow things (Anthers) from the flower centers. I did this the other day with one of the opened flowers, and it totally went down in my cleavage. I had to scrub pretty hard to get that bright yellow off. Hahaha.

I really love lilies, especially stargazer lilies. Lilies have the strongest fragrance! It smells up my whole living room. Having these in my house definitely helps me feel great. Just the smell makes me smile. I am going to have to get some more flowers. Husband wont be very happy!

Do flowers make you oddly happy? Do you have any lily plants that you keep inside all the time? What are you favorite plants?

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