So I don't know if you guys notice but Pinterest change the way that they do their embedding. It's now kind of a hassle (not too bad though), but the outcome really isn't as pretty as just using the code they provided before. So, I've decided to no longer participate in the Pinteresting link up. I have been wanting to stop for a while now, mostly because I felt like the link up over all was a bit crowded. I much prefer the smaller, less popular link ups. 

Anyway, it's also contributing to me not actually trying any pins! So that's my plan for the future!

Who's in?!


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I really tried the new Pinterest embed
system, and it really didn't work...

So, I saw this and I was like... OMG. I MUST TRY THIS! I LOVE ME SOME COOKIE DOUGH!! It looks absolutely delicious, and WOO. The recipe is SUPER simple! Woot!

Here we go!

I got all my ingredients, and even set it up all cute, just for this post. You know, like the foodie bloggers do. I felt pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, this was a rogue pin. It didn't lead anywhere. I hate when people don't use Pin-courtesy! Remember to properly pin your pins people!


  • 3/4 C Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 C Softened Butter
  • 1/4 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 C Milk (I use vanilla almond milk, because I don't drink regular milk.)
  • 1 C Flour
  • 1/2 C Chocolate Chips. 

Since there were no directions, I decided to just stick it all in a bowl. See?!

Yes, I realized I melted the butter instead of "softening" it, this could have been where everything went wrong... Honestly, I thought it wouldn't matter because I use melted butter in my homemade cookies...

The photo looked like it was mixed with a fork... So I did that...

And it turned out looking quite disgusting!! And guess what? I decided to try it, and it tasted like GLUE! Yes, I know what glue tastes like, I totally ate it in Kindergarten, OKAY!

You can stop reading here if you want. Because it really doesn't get any better. I warned you.

So, since this was clearly failing for me. I decided to attempt to revive it... I poured the crap into my mixer and decided that it was really looking in need of some more flour. It also tasted like it needed more sugar too... because guys, really. It tasted like glue. I ended up adding one cup white sugar, and one more cup of flour... It still wasn't coming together at all like the photo...

It was a runny gunky mess. It still tasted like glue.

Then, husband said "hey lemme try it".
He took a spoon full and was like... "I'll eat it".
"WHAT?!" I said astonished.
"Yeah, stick it in the freezer. I'll eat it. It's a bit sugary but I'll eat it." He replied dully.

I could only blink my eyes in amazement.  Also while trying to rinse the disgusting flavor out of my mouth.

Final verdict: Don't try this at home.
Also, delete this pin from all your pins. Don't spread this haterade around. It's  utterly and totally disappointing! Only jerk-faces would spread this nasty around. 

However, if you happen to know a good recipe for eggless cookie dough, I repeat, a good TRIED AND TRUE recipe for eggless cookie dough, send it my way! 


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