52 lists is a weekly link up hosted by MooreaSeal. I have come to realize this is a great way for reflection. I have decided to start doing two at a time until I catch up to their current week! :) Bear with me, it shouldn't be too much! 

Prompt #6 is The Ways I Can Love Others. To me that means, the ways that I can SHOW others that I love them. That's the biggest problem for me. I can love someone to the moon and back and they may not know because I am in my own world a lot of the time. 

Promt #7 is about things that make me feel healthy - Mind, Body, & Soul. I feel for some reason that this prompt was a bit harder than the others thus far. I guess it's kind of a compilation of everything that makes me feel good and happy.

What are some ways you can love others?
What are some things that make you feel healthy all over?

On my own choice I decided to do 52 lists digitally. As to save 52 sheets of paper (of which I have no idea what I would have done with after this year was over). :) 



  1. Your lists are indeed a great way for reflection. I like them very much and I think I should also do the one listing the things that make me feel healthy. I had too many chocolate easter eggs I think ... Happy Easter to you :)

  2. Love these lists! And I can't help it, while I was reading the first one, I kept thinking, "Aw, she does that for me! Adrienne loves me!" Haha. Selfish much? But it's okay, I love you too buddy!!

  3. Listening is always a good way to show appreciation to other people.

    It's funny that you're stationed in Ansbach. We live less than an hour away, in the greater Nuremberg area. We totally should meet up at some point!!

  4. Your blog is so cute! I love the format of your lists and that you are doing it digitally + saving paper at the same time. I love that you included "cuddling puppy" - it is true, it does wonders for the soul!:)

    xo Maddie

  5. I love these lists!
    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Beautiful website you have here!

    1. You're welcome! I enjoy your blog as well!! Thanks for stopping by!


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