I feel like I didn't make too many artistic strides this week. However, I did do a couple of things to get me that much closer to finishing my application for my home based business. 

On Monday Husband and I went around town to find a nice local print shop! And guess what?! We did! It's called Wifa, here in Ansbach. And dude speaks fantastic English, and was super helpful. I got myself a sample print and laid out my perspective prices so that I could put it on my application. How exciting is that? Now, I only need to get my neighboring stairwell dwellers to sign it! I think this is really the thing that is kind of holding me back. Honestly, I know everyone who lives here (except maybe those in #5? I think I have new neighbors and I don't know it...), and I am sure they'd be more than willing to sign it for me. 

Goodness. But it's still holding me back. I just need to take a big girl breath and get it over with! THIS WEEKEND. IT WILL HAPPEN. Just saying. 

So what I did do this week was create a new header for my blog. I liked the old one, but it was overwhelming, and kind of huge. lol. So, I went with a change. I like this because it's simple. It feels like it's a little more close to nature-y, like I feel I need to be. 

I figured out, painstakingly how to add an image behind my post titles! Holy canolis, this was a TASK. I think it took me like THREE hours to figure out. But, it was really worth it I think. Still some glitches on it. But I will try to get it taken care of! 

Made a new HELLO image. Just with my purdy little face. They say they like to see the person behind the blog. I also created the OH HELLO! :) And I think I love it. I love that I feel like I am taking my blog to the spot it needs to be, the spot I need to be. Back to art. That's just the way it's gotta be, and it feels good.

I know the title of this post may seem weird, or not really... in line with the post. But I think I just had an ahha moment. 

I also know that I've been talking art on my blog for a while now. But, I am really getting into it. It feels so freeing and like, that's how it's supposed to be. It's how it's started, and I need to keep it that way. Art and life. Art=life. 

And made some new social icons. Now this was fun. I had to track down so many images. But, it was worth it. I love my little green social icons. :) 

So, since creating Amanda's new blog header. I really did some research on some more rosemaling. So I created this to give my blog posts a little break. They call these "post dividers". I think it's super fun, and gives the eyes a welcome break from the text I have all up in yo face. lol

And finally finished up my widget headers. And they're awesome! :)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by for this little update. I think next week is going to be a great week for my artistic productivity. Well, at least better than this week. This week, I let myself get distracted by some really lame stuff that had been going on around the blogsphere. Now, I am not going to get into it here but, it really made me really sad for some people. And all in all, the biggest thing I learned out of that story for me was that BULLYING IS WRONG. I wont stand for it, and I want nothing to do with it, or the people behind it. That is all. lol -- Also, I need to learn to not let myself get sucked into such things. Sometimes I keep reading for entertainment purposes, but I have so much other stuff that can keep me well entertained, and seeing other people's pain, is. not. it. 

Lessoned learned. 

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