Oh HAI! The below photo is how Koodge greeted me the other morning in bed. I thought it was quite funny, and obviously just had to take a photo. Not too much going on 'round these parts the last couple of days. 

I did do one artistic thing yesterday. I have been getting this urge to paint a lemon slice. So I did. It's not too exciting, and I just did it late last night, in my moleskine journal. Honestly, I don't think I have ever painted a lemon! Or orange... Or ... I could go on. But I had this photo of a lemon slice in a glass of bubble water. And it made for a great subject. The yellow was so bright and fun. I just had to give it a go.

I bought some lily bulbs because I already miss the smell of lily in my house. So hopefully I wont kill them and they'll bloom in maybe june or something. Honestly, I've no clue when they'll bloom. That smell though, the smell of lily, it makes me so happy. I need it! I need to get husband to buy me flowers more often........ Hmmmmmmm. 

And I had forgotten one thing to share with you on Friday when I was posting about the blog changes, was that I changed the links at the bottom of the posts. To photos instead. Of my crappy cursive in blue. Obvi. I am so glad that there's a ton of available tutorials on the internet to help spruce up the blog! So neat! 

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