So as I said in my post on Thursday about Sundays... It's pretty boring around here! So, I'd like to share with you a few links that I thought were pretty darn neat. I think this could be a fun weekly thing to do. It's always good to share the love!

This super cool Eco-Conscious kid. A little girl after my own heart. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I wouldn't let my mom use my markers or crayons because she pressed too hard and ruined them, every time...

This: Tripit - A travel organizer. How awesome is this? Totally downloaded it! 

This amazing post about her love of calligraphy over at Give Me Magical.

A new super fun group for SNAAAILLL mail pen pals! It looks like so much fun! I totally need to pen pal! I am not sure if I remember how to write... You know, with my hands. Haha Join over here! PS. There's also a sweet give away! :) JUST SAYIN'.

Tutorial to make these super duper cute paper bows over on How About Orange.

Happy Sunday everyone! :) 

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