52 LISTS - 12/13 -- HOME / TO MAKE

52 lists is a weekly link up hosted by MooreaSeal. I have come to realize this is a great way for reflection. I really think you all should join in. It really is a great link up! 

I found this prompt to be a little more difficult. Because, I find it kind of odd that I feel more at home here in Germany than I have anywhere else in my lifetime. I suppose it still works, but at the moment I am stuck between being stoked that I live here, and super sad that our time here is nearing it's end. I know I still have one year here, but I know deep down that it will fly by so fast, and we will probably be heading off to our next adventure. I just wish this one didn't have to end. It makes me so upset.  

I could have really gone on and on with this list. It would have bore you to death, I am sure of it. Some other things I would like to make is a garden full of yummy wholesome vegetables for me to eat! 

On my own choice I decided to do 52 lists digitally. As to save 52 sheets of paper (of which I have no idea what I would have done with after this year was over). :) 

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