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Wanderlust & Prairie Grass 
Freelance illustrator Katie Daisy lives in a world where dreams and reality are the same. Her honey-laced hand lettering and sunshine-scented illustrations have been gaining notoriety since she burst onto the scene in 2009 when she graduated from renowned Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since then, this small town, Illinois-born wanderer has lived everywhere from the misty Cascades to the Great Smokies, sharing her passion for uplifting art with everyone she encounters.  
Mixing watercolor and acrylic paint, Katie's palette shares its wildflower tones with a spring afternoon on the prairie. Whether illustrating inspiring quotes by great authors and humanitarians, or painting all things flora and fauna, her idyllic upbringing radiates through her work. A produce stand in the countryside, an iron-framed bed with chipping paint, a lavender field beside a turtle-filled creek―these are just a few of the rustic images one conjures up when enraptured by Katie Daisy. 
Currently living in the moss-filled Pacific Northwest, Katie Daisy continues to savor the simple things in life, knowing that her next adventure is just around the corner, and that wherever she goes, she'll take the prairie with her. At only 24 years of age, Katie is living proof that living the life you've imagined is possible. She invites you to follow your bliss and live your dreams by doing what you love in life. {source}

Obviously, Katie is a girl after my own heart! Lovely quotes, flowers, buildings, she's just really got it all going on! Also, she totally lives in Oregon, which is like, you know, where I'm from. I have been drooling over this girl's work for YEARS. For real. I want to be her. I am pretty sure she is the epitome of cool. If I lived in Bend, I would follow her around like a love sick puppy, just begging for her friendship. Could you imagine how much creativity this girl emits? Holy cow. Doesn't her little about paragraph make you just want to go find a field somewhere and cuddle up with some deer or something? That's what it makes me want to do. 

Katie is a successful 25 year old girl who has traveled to many places and really made a name for herself. Her life is like a dream, and it seems as if she made it that way. We can really live out our dreams. She does have a blog, however, she hasn't posted in it in a while. BUT, I would definitely keep an eye on it, because I am sure her next post is going to be just plain magical! 

Can someone please buy me one of her prints? ;) 

Go stalk her! I know I am... 


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