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Cathy McMurray 
I am a city girl who loves living near the mountains and the sea. The greatest inspiration for my art is the beautiful scenery that surrounds me.  
I work with a variety of mediums and am intentional about using materials that are easy on the environment. Many of the wood panels I use are sourced locally. And my art prints are custom printed in my home studio using bamboo paper. 
In addition to creating art, I am passionate about sharing art with others. I regularly record my findings, ideas, and inspirations on my blog, Habit of Art. Please pop over and say hello.

I am pretty sure that Portland, Oregon is the Creatives Capital of the world. I keep finding all these amazing Creatives, and guess where they happen to be located? Or at least were once located? Portland, or close to it. I think it's mind boggling. I just found Cathy's work the other day while searching around art prints on Etsy, and I just had to show her off.

Her paintings seem so unique and inspiring! It seems as though her works are a bit mixed media. I have to say I love her blog header, it's got painting, photography, and digital elements with it. I could stare at it for ages. I love seeing her creations of Mt. Hood and surrounding areas of Portland and of course, close to my heart are those Oregon Coast creations. I must say, the Oregon Coast has to be one of the most magical and beautiful places in the world.

I am so happy to find another Oregon Artist to feature here. I hope you find something amazing in her wonderful art works.

Be sure to stalk her a bit! 

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