Hey there! How is the midweek hump going for you? It's going alright for me. I like the weekdays. I get all day to myself, and puppy of course!

If you haven't already, I would love it if you would follow me on Pinterest! I desperately need to go through my pins and make sure that they're all "proper", you know, going to the right URL and stuff... Such work... And I need to alphabetize my boards... May take years...

Source: etsy.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

Loving this sugar container. It's probably too expensive for me. Haha.

This is so important to remember for everyone. I still have a hard time.

Source: fab.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

Source: fab.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

I saw this collar, and I was like, KOODGE NEEDS THIS. For some reason the color of collars really affects the judgment of your dog to others. For instance, my friend's dog, she had a black collar or something and people thought that she was going to be a mean dog. As soon as my friends got their dog a pink collar, no one was afraid of her anymore. What do you think this collar would tell people about Koodge?

OMG. I remember back in the day, high school, when I wore dickies and I was so cool and a skater chick and stuff. I decided recently that I really wanted a red pair. I need to lose a little more weight though.


I saw these somewhere and thought they were amazing. If I ever own a coffee shop, this is happening. For real. How unique would that be?!

Source: fab.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

I want more crazy clothing. These are amazing.

Source: imgur.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

This seriously cracks me up EVERY TIME I see it. And being a military spouse, I see it come up in my FB feed and all that. So funny!

People, if you haven't joined in on this Pinteresting link up, you really need to! It's a great way to get over that midweek hump I was talking about earlier, and give yourself a mental break. And pretend you own all the things you pinned! hehe


  1. LOVE the army joke. I'll have to go pin that! And I love the coffee cups. I feel like even if the coffee wasn't that great, I'd go to wherever had those just for the awesome cups!

  2. Those leopard print shoes would look awesome with the red Dickies! And if my fat butt can wear Dickies, then you totally can!

  3. i think that collar would say, "my mom is awesome and got me this amazing collar!" (:

  4. the painting of those shoes is amazing... and I love that you popped Catharina's mug in there... and that joke cracked me up... how perfect is that...xx


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