Painted by me! :) 

So, a couple of weeks ago, I met a newbie here to our little Army Post here in Ansbach, Germany. We just ran into each other while we were both walking our dogs. She was literally fresh off the plane by like, 2 days! We'll call her M.

Lately, I have been pretty apprehensive about meeting new people. It's kind of scary, right?! Especially if you have any sort of negative interaction with the new person you met, however, this time,I was so excited to meet someone new! And to be like, one of the first people to say howdy!

Koodge was super excited to meet her doggie, Penny, she's a chocolate lab. They got a long really well while we were just chatting. Which always makes me excited. Is this how people with kids make friends? "Yes, our kids get along well, we should hang!" lol.

I made sure to tell one of my friends who lives in the same building as M, that there was a new wife here, and she seemed really neat!

Anyway, I think the day I met her, husband and I found out that he was getting his PRK eye surgery the following week (you know, the army gives so much warning about everything...). So, we spent the weekend getting ready to spend 4 days up in Landstuhl, and took off the following Monday. Husband and I were away for almost 2 weeks, and I was sure that M had forgotten all about me.

A few days after we returned, I wanted to go out and run errands, but didn't want to go by myself. So I told husband that I was going to be outgoing and go knock on M's door and ask if she wanted to go! He was like, "okay wife...", basically, he didn't care cause he was napping.

Then my nerves started to set in, and I started shaking! I was so nervous! Omg. What am I doing?! I don't even have contact information for M, luckily... She told me which apartment she lived in... Is it creepy that I remember? Am I a STALKER?! What if she's not home? I should write a note... At least give her my contact information?? "Husband, is it stalker-y for me to leave a note?!" -- "No wife, that's how you meet people wife." Okay, I am just being super nervous.

I walked over to her building, walked up the too many flights of stairs, and knocked on her door... She was HOME! Omg. I am shaking. She opens the door, and asks me to come in because her dog Penny was too excited! lol.

"Here, I wrote this in case you weren't home, it has my contact info on it!" Goodness... I felt like a ding dong. I asked if she wanted to hang out, get coffee, and run errands.

She accepted. It was a relief. A successful mission completed by me! And now we walk our dogs together on a regular basis! :) Okay, it's been twice so far, but it's a good time!

Do you get super nervous trying to make new friends?


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I get the same way with meeting new people. But, like this instance, I have actually made a lot of friends while out with my dogs! Haha! People will come up to pet them, and that's how I strike up a conversation! Glad it worked out for you, and you have a new friend now!


  2. That's exciting! It's always hard being new people, I get really anxious and nervous. Trying to be better about it.

  3. aww that`s so cute! you did way better than i would have - i would have bolted in the opposite direction while walking my dog in the beginning. thus the reason i have no friends, lol!
    i am getting a new girl at work though. i`m super nervous. i`m not very likeable! lol! ;)

  4. I am the same way! But you already know that, Haha. I am sooo nervous about meeting new people. I chicken out every time. But I seriously need to follow the quote on that painting!

  5. yes!
    My husband is stationed in washington with the Marine Corps.
    I meet wives all the time, but I'm so nervous to ask them to hang out.
    Why does it seem so awkward!?


  6. Well good for you - you may have just made a life long friend. You never know until you try. I made an offhand remark to a woman at a play group for my daughter when she was 2. I asked the woman if she and her daughter would like to go to the playground after playgroup and we ended up spending 5 years together doing all kinds of fun things with our kids. Then they moved away, but it was a fun 5 years and we made lifelong memories.

  7. It's so different when you're kids. I love how they just go up to each other and say "wanna play?".

  8. Not many guys post here but I do anyway :)
    from a guys perspective.....
    It's tough for guys. You're trying to be all manly and stuff but you still want to be friendly but not toooo friendly if you know what I mean. Dogs and kids are cool ice breakers. You immediately have something in common to talk about. I am an extravert (shocking) and I can strike up a conversation with anyone. I never get too close though because it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys these days. They all look the same!
    Love this post!


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