Looking around the blogsphere, I found a really interesting idea. Northern Belle Diaries was/is hosting a link up! Letters to my Former Single Self. I thought this would be a great way for me to share a little more about myself with you all, and for me to get to know myself even more than I do now.

This is only a 4 week link up and I am behind. I have three out of the four questions here already, so I am going to answer them all in one post, unless... they get too darn lengthy, I guess! 

What did you think about dating and relationships when you were little?  
What do you think of them now?
Oh poor nieve little Adrienne. Dating and relationships are honestly a lot more work than you really want to put into them. Don't get down about that kid dumping you because you have a dude best friend, of whom you have no attraction to whatsoever. If that kid was really a great guy, he would have understood, and just accepted it.

You've always loved hanging out with 'the guys' and many girls will despise you for that, and when you grow up, you'll still love hanging out with 'the guys' (your husband is much more mature than that first kid you dated way back in the 6th grade!).

Adrienne, when you were young, you really needed not to take everything so darn seriously. You knew deep down that the people you dated were not going to be the long lasting ones. You really shouldn't have let them hurt you so bad! 

Now, Adrienne, you realize just how much work revolves around a relationship. It is hard work. But when you find your now husband, it will all be worth it! 

What did you think about dating and marriage the year before you met "The One?"
This was the year you really decided what you wanted in a man, Adrienne. It was a gigantic step for you, and for your decision making. Go you!

Adrienne, you decided that you really wanted a man with good morals, values, and the same belief (aka, non-belief) system as you. Someone who would provide for you, make you feel safe, and who you could be proud of. This is when you started dating people in the Military. Two Marines later... you met the man of your dreams. You didn't know this yet, but... you continued on with your life.

You were so dead set on trying to find someone in the Military (as you, yourself were interested in joining the military, at the time), and totally made sense to you. You'll figure out that not every man in the military is what he is cracked up to be, but you will find the right one. I promise. I wish I could tell you not to go to Marine#1's house that one time, because it was awfully awkward, and I wish I could tell you to not write those letters to Marine#2 only to break his heart when he got back from Boot Camp...

It will all be very confusing. You were pretty much done with guys. But then, now Husband came along and swept you off your feet. You hung out for two weeks straight while he was home on leave... And you didn't know it, but you'd marry him later that year. 


  1. I'm sorry I keep commenting on your posts posts (I swear I'm not a wacko stalker) but, damn girl, you're good! A nice self reflection that was an easy read yet brilliant! I like your work.

  2. Oh I like these!! I learn something new about you every day. =]


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