1. When eating a taco, do you turn your head or do you turn the taco???
Well, I am awesome and don't have to turn my head because I like my tacos SOFT. Unlike my men. ;) hahahahahaha. Wow, yeah... I went there. 

2. Chocolate chip cookies or oreos?? 

I'd have to say Chocolate chip cookies, because you can't eat Oreo dough! ahhaha. I love cookie dough, fucking raw eggs and all! I have yet to be sick from it, so... I'll never stop. 

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do and DID?

Get married and move to fucking South Korea. Right?? 

4. Never have I ever__________________.

I am not sure where to go with this question... 

Never have I ever eaten cauliflower until 2012. It happens to now be one of my favorite foods, along side broccoli. 

5. Would you rather be broke and happy or rich and sad?

Broke and happy. We're pretty much that right now. LOL. You honestly have no idea how much the military people DON'T make. We're not NEEDING anything though, thankfully, but it's not like we can go out and buy anything we want whenever we want.

I am living the dream, I am broke, and I am damn happy! 


  1. Soft tacos are awesome too!!!! But every now and then you gotta throw in a crunchy taco!

    OMG I love raw cookie dough too! I am always paranoid I will get sick lol!

    Cauliflower= Nasty shit!

    Well well well.... I am broke too ;)

  2. Hey Adrienne,
    That is pretty crazy! Getting married and moving to an entirely different country! oh my goodness! You brave girl :D

  3. moving to south korea,definitely something i would never think of doing either :)

    i only like soft tacos too,easier to manage!

    great answers!

  4. Do you ever boil the cauliflower and mash it like potatoes? Mashed cauliflower is really good.

  5. Can't stop, won't stop (eating cookie dough) either. Yummm!

  6. Your "craziest thing you did" answer had me rolling. When you put it that way, yes --- it definitely sounds CRAZY.

  7. Do you ever roast the cauliflower? That's my favorite!

  8. Classic answers.. glad you know how you like your men... cracked me up and made me snort my tea... which is one of my favourite ways o start the day ... great post... and can I just say I never liked Seoul very much when we used to have to visit for work so I am hoping the rest of the place was better, and I am thinking Germany would be an improvement... well I hope it is...

    and I have to say that I am insanely in love with the house in the last post... it is like a story book house... and that neat garden...
    btw all my possible button making skills are being ignored in the face of bloody clean up from the storm... maybe next week... have a great week
    T xx

  9. That's a very good point that Oreo dough doesn't exsist... and all the more reason to stick with the Chocolate Chip Cookies! And South Korea?? That must have been quite the experience. My late father spent a few years of his childhood living in Taiwan of all places!


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