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Hi there everyone! I've found this great link up hosted by Fi over at My Mummy Daze. I am pretty excited about it, because what I need in a link up is direction. And this one has TOPICS, and you just write about your life that has to do with that topic. 

I know I am posting this just a few hours early, but I have a super awesome announcement that is going up tomorrow morning!! :) So be sure to check back!! 

This week's topic is "Love Story". Honestly guys, I feel like I have posted about this topic a LOT. So, I am going to provide you with links to some of our super cute love story. I hope that's okay! I hope you click through and read all about my husband and I! It's really a cute story! 

So, instead of writing today about our love story, I want to do last week's topic which was "First Day". (So far I am really liking how open ended these prompts are!).

Where I am going with this, is sort of on the same path as the Love Story, how's that?! :)

First Day of being Married. And, this is going to be like, first day and a half. lol (I think about it now, and have looked back in my blogs, and I don't think I ever really blogged about our wedding!)

Okay, if those links above were like, tl;dr (too long, didn't read) -- basic story is: Husband and I met once, Dec. 2009, and then again in March 2010. We hit it off, hung out for 14 days straight, he headed off to S.Korea, and we got married in Sept. 2010. PLEASE do me a favor and read the links above. Hahaha, it's much more entertaining.

Husband and I got married in Oregon, near Mt. Hood. We got married at Wildwood National Park in early September. Since we got married 6 months after we met (the second time) I didn't have much time to plan. Husband and I are pretty laid back, so we went with outside, at a park, and had a BBQ-Potluck after. People were so comfortable and HAPPY to be there, and it was totally informal. It was awesome! A lot of people told us it was the best wedding they've ever went to because it was so informal and everyone just mingled. 

Later in the evening, we all gathered at the restaurant that I worked out to have the "after party"... I guess it's called the "reception"? lol. We partied. Whatever. It was awesome. A band (each member was friend, which made it even better! ) played, and everyone mingled, and partied. It was so amazing. 

Husband and I went to our hotel room (Resort on the Mountain, everyone, totally go there if you hit up that area!). Let me tell you, after I woke up and got over my hangover, I realized that this was THE BEST BED I HAD EVER SLEPT IN EVER! Omg. I wish I had a photo of it. It was so fluffy and comfortable. I have been contemplating calling the resort to ask which beds and beddings they use! haha. 

The following day, we spent the entire day together. We drove all around the Mt. Hood area! It was so much fun. I had purchased my DSLR a few weeks earlier, so we drove all around and just took photos and did a lot of exploring. Drove up Lo Lo Pass and found some awesome waterfalls, took great photos of Mt. Hood. Then we took off up to Government Camp, drove through it, and hit up the gorgeous Trillium Lake. Oooh man people, if you're ever in Oregon, you need to visit the awesomeness of the Mt. Hood area. There are so very many beautiful things!

That's all I really remember of that day. Just amazing fun, hanging out with the husband, driving around and visiting nature. It was a good day. 

I am really liking this link up! I cannot wait for next week! 


  1. have to check out that link!
    you guy's love story is so sweet. i remember reading about it(& your wedding) holy crap idk realize i've "know" you that long lol.
    oregon really is an amazing place, it has a little bit of everything. i've never been to mt. hood though.

  2. awww! y`all are so cute! love your story!

  3. Sounds very similar to our "first day" haha! We stayed at Timberline Lodge so we spent a lot of time wandering around up there.

  4. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! I love your dress and veil. So, so pretty!

  5. sounds like a perfect wedding and great recount... the photos made me do the whole awwwww thing ... xx

  6. Hi! Gorgeous story! Found you through My Mummy Daze, where I also have linked up a story! Love your page... will have to have another snoop around! x


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