1. What's for dinner tonight?
Uhm. Honestly, I am scheduling this ahead of time, and ... I totally suck at planning meals. I have no clue what on earth we are going to have for dinner tonight. But, our go-to meals are either eating out (The Wok, thai food), chicken, rice and veggies, or... pasta... haha. 

2. Top 3 tv shows you never miss.
New Girl, Parenthood, and The Big Bang Theory. For reals.

3. What type of body wash are you currently 
*runs to the bathroom to check* -- Alba Passion Fruit body wash. YUM. It smells so darn good! 

4. Take a photo of what's in front of you. 
Yeah, I am at my dining room table. Which is like, my desk.. But, I have a desk in the spare room. But my husband doesn't hang out in the spare room. So alas... Oh that's HIS Guinness by the way, I think that shit is NASTY!

5. What's your favorite fruit?
Uhm, I like a LOT of fruits. I really like Strawberries, but... ONLY when they're you know, in season, or else they taste so sour! I also really like Kiwi and Bananas. :) 

6. Spring is almost here (well, it's already here for us Floridians haha), show me your go-to outfit!

What I Wish I'd Wear

What I really wear...


  1. My boards for the clothes would be very similar! Lol I love dresses, but usually have my jeans and converse on. :)

  2. What fun post! Loved reading it. :)

  3. LMAO! My dining room is my desk too!! HAHA

    And BOTH of those outfits are cute!!!

    Thanks for joining me with coffee talk! I hope you continue every week with the new direction it's taking!!

  4. Haha! I love your clothing post. That's pretty much me too. I have a Pinterest board full of stuff I like, but I only wear jeans and a tshirt. Lame.


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