This has to be one of my favorite days of the week. Due to going through my Pinterest Pins, to share my most favorite ones with you!

Seriously... Pretty sure I would have given ANYTHING to have something like this when I was growing up. It reminds me of that one fairy movie. Goodness... I have no idea what it's called...

Gorgeous work. Don't think I would put a tattoo on my hand, but I love the rose.

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

Fantastic idea!

I may have shared this outfit with you guys before. BUT, the asymmetric sweater makes me drool. I absolutely love it's uniqueness!

I think this would be a great idea to use for Geocaching prize things!

Good advice.

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

I LOVE THIS HOUSE. Perfect for me. And it has a porch, which I love. It's two stories, which is amazing! Ugh. I can't wait until we've got our own house!

Even though it's gold. I love how organic looking it is!

Coconut Curry Soup. Sounds delicious to me!

My future kitchen and dining room NEEDS to be this bright! I love it to bits and pieces.

Pretty blue accent tiles.

Source: via Adrienne on Pinterest

How great is this?? Such a fabulous idea!

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  1. I want that playhouse AND that real house. Now. Please and thank you.

    ps. I pinned them as well!

  2. is the fairy movie ferngully!? i love ferngully.
    that sweater is so cute!

  3. Goodness. I'm scrolling through these thinking to myself, "Oh I love that, I need to comment on it." But then I was saying the same thing about every picture. Haha. I seriously love ALL of it! That doll house! That dining room! That kitchen! Gah!!

  4. I meant to chime in with "Fern Gully" when you posted this, but I see Chelsea beat me to the punch.

    You always have the most awesome pins. I don't know where you're looking and I'm NOT looking on Pinterest, but I feel like I have inferior Pinterest taste :(


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