Ever wonder why you comment on a blog and they do not reply via email or reply on their blog post? It's an easy explanation really... I've been through this before! 

Let me tell you, it's really tempting to add your Google+ Profile to your blogger, but really... It's a big mistake. It messes up all kinds of settings and you wouldn't even know it, until some other blogger magically lets you know that you're the dreaded "No-reply blogger". 

Being a "no-reply blogger" really sucks for both parties. For the responder, it sucks because they know you probably wont find out if they replied to your comment on their blog, because... that means you'd have to go back to their blog, find the post, click on the comments, etc etc. It's a hassle. It's just SO much easier for any blog owner to reply to commentes via email.

If you're anything like me, you go through all your blogs, make your comments and move on. There's no way I go back to see if the blogger responded to me on THEIR blog. Most of the time, I cannot just remember where I commented, or what about...

Any smart blogger has their comment notification turned ON and it goes straight to their inbox. Easy peasy. This also eliminates the need for that crazy CAPTCHA (or whatever it is??), when blogger is asking you whether or not you're a robot, and you've got to go through the hassle of trying to type in those random letters and numbers. Please, do us ALL a favor and moderate all your comments in your email. It's better for the entire blog-verse. Out of all the years of blogging (almost 5 years), I have maybe had one or two spam comments. Easy to delete through your email. THEN, you can respond to the "good comments" by just clicking "reply". That is... Unless they're a NO-REPLY BLOGGER!

Since it is so easy to google "No reply blogger" and find a TON of tutorials to fix this problem, I went ahead and did it for you.

Here are two blog tutorials that show you how to fix this no-reply issue if you've added your Google+ Profile to your blog:
Anyone Can Decorate - Are You a No Reply Blogger? How to Fix the Problem...

If you haven't added your Google+ Profile to blogger, here is that quick fix:

Definitely fix this if you'd like to get more responses from your favorite blogs! I can't vouch for those HUGE bloggers who don't respond to anyone though, I think those people are just jerks. ;)

Also, I VERY much encourage you to set up receiving email notifications of comments on your blog. I promise it makes life that much easier! 


  1. I used to be a no-reply blogger. But you showed me the light! And for that, I am eternally thankful!

    And I HATE those big bloggers. Think they're too good to reply.. too busy writing posts for crazy ass recipes that no one ever has ingredients for. Eff them!

    ...sorry. I swear I'm not bitter.

  2. Seriously. I was a no-reply blogger for so long, it's embarrassing. Now, one of my favorite bloggers is a voluntary no-reply-er. Makes me sad. It also makes me sad that I realized just a while back that I've sent MANY emails to people who never got them and that they probably think I'm a jerk. :(

  3. I hate those freaking CAPTCHA (or whatever it is??)They drive me freaking nuts! I have backed out of leaving a comment just because I didn't want to deal with the little puzzle. This is a great read on a subject that I am sure is common and the blog owner doesn't even know!
    Great job!

  4. Hey when we reply to your comments, do you see them? I'm wondering if we need to change. Thinking even using that disqus add on. Any thoughts on that? I know there is a way to subscribe to the comments after leaving one, but does anyone really do that?

  5. I fixed this problem about a month or two ago. I had no idea about it. I have that stupid robot crap on my blog because I get SO MUCH spambots its horrible. TOO many to have to sit there and go threw them. It sucks. I try to switch it back but I seriously can't deal with it. It's over 20 messages a day. :( Lucky me I guess. LOL I always reply to my readers. I think it's so important. I don't even comment on blogs that have 6000 followers. What's the point?

  6. Thanks hun!! I just fixed it (again). Not sure why it keeps reverting back... I must be doing something. anyway! This really helped. Thanks for letting me know and for the posting this on your blog. Now I know if I ever don't get responses...hehe...



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