It's Wednesday again! That means, time to link up with some great pins from Pinterest!! Goodness, I have been on there like a mad woman lately!! Like, I have nothing better to do or something!

Isn't that the fucking truth? I try to tell people this all the time, they rarely take my advice... However, it may be something you have to learn on your own. Who knows?


Seems like a fun idea to put as prizes for a Geocache!


Seems simple enough...

Bloody amazing. I think I would die if I had a cute little house like this, I'll take it!

Bought some of these the other day. Day 2 of trying Biotin, I hope it helps. :)

Right?! Omg, this is the coolest thing ever.

I will. And I wont feel bad about it, either.

Source: etsy.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

How do people come up with this cute shit?! I love it.

Source: etsy.com via Adrienne on Pinterest

To do.

Blogging idea!

OMG. STOP ME NOW. Before I have a 7ft long blog post! Maybe I already do. But, you know... I just learned about the embed feature... so it's like, way easier to do this now. lmao. Yeah. I did it the hard way for all the other times I did this link up!


  1. I want that first one framed on my wall! And the second one too.. but with a different photo. Love those quotes.

  2. Hey sweetie!! I always love reading your Pinteresting post... you find all the cool stuff ;) You could've kept going, 'cause I would've kept reading. Those little owls are sooo cute.

    And I did my Liebster post today. Thanks again for nominating me. xoxo

  3. Ok several of these images made me laugh out loud! Good luck learning to use your Wacom tablet! I really want one of those one day. If only so I can bitch a little more about photoshop giving me a hard time! :) Thanks for stoppin by to see Daliene.com. Fun to find you too!


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