13 Resolutions for 2013?


This sounded like a good idea to me. And easy link ups are always good for the holidays. I know I like that people post stuff on holidays, because I am usually the lame person who doesn't really have that much to do on holidays and look forward to the other people who also don't do anything. So basically, even though it's a holiday... It's still a regular day for me! haha.

:::So 13 Resolutions for 2013::: 
with Mostly Happenstance and LoveeeSarah

I don't know if I have 13 resolutions... but I know I have some.

The other day I mentioned that I needed to pull out my sketch book more often so that I could practice my drawing. So that is ONE. lol. Pull out sketchbook at least once a week (also so I can have Sketchbook Sunday posts!). I have/had great talent in drawing and I know that if I don't use it, I will most definitely lose it. I can already tell that I have lost quite a bit of it. So I need to work on getting it back.

TWO... Save up for a Wacom Tablet. This ties in with Resolution #1. Get better with my talents. I really want to be able to do some computer illustrating, and I just don't see how it's possible without a tablet. I am pretty excited to get one. I could have gotten one last year for Christmas, but... I didn't feel like I wanted it that bad. -- I am finding out that I got through my hobbies in phases throughout the year, and in the fall and all throughout the winter, I get back into drawing and design. (So this one is going to be completed before the new year even begins! I actually have received $100 in cash for birthday/christmas and I am buying this for myself on Dec. 28th! OMG) So, I am going to revamp this one, and say LEARN best how to use my Wacom Tablet! I have been doing some research but, I need to actually practice with it! 

This one also ties into Resolutions ONE and TWO --- Work on my Zazzle Store. Meaning, I need to come up with original and fun ideas to stick in there to sell. THREETHREETHREE. It really makes one feel good to come up with something and it SELLS. Like, for real.

Fitness. I did a darn good job over this last year to lose 30lbs. But that just got me to 160lbs. I still am not at a healthy weight. So #FOUR, keep working on being fit. Since November, I have really been slacking, and I have even gained a couple of pounds. But I am not too worried about it right now. The winter really brings me down and makes me have NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER. But I know it will return.

Get back to RUNNING three times a week. I must do it. I know I shouldn't think of it as MUST. But it's the only way I can think of it. I was doing so well and all of a sudden. I just can't get myself to go. But I will get back to it. Because... It's good for me. And I spent all that money on those running shoes.... (REZZIE Numbah FIIIIIIIVE)

SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX ------ Travel my butt off!! We don't know exactly how much longer we've got here, really (That's just how it works with the military life)... But, we have WAY too many places we haven't been!! We need to do MORE weekend trips, and LESS of sitting around on our bums being lazy! What's wrong with us?! We've got THINGS to do!!

-- Try video blogging -- 7SEVEN7  --

-- EIGHT***8***EIGHT  -- Try screen capture videos of drawings --  

Nine. Try new and fun things with the hubby on a regular basis.

Get into Geocaching. We've tried it, now, lets get INTO it like there's no tomorrow!
 -- 10 --   Meaning, let's make some goodies to swap out. Let's document and get in with the cool kids!! 

ELEVENFinish projects.
For instance, I have all the supplies to make candles in teacups. Make them. Do it.


Be me. Learn me. Love me.
Love what I have.
Do not take this life for granted.
Be happy. 
Let shit roll off my back. 
Move on quickly.
Say "no" sometimes.
Do not hold grudges.
Let go of people who hold me back.
Let go of people who make me feel less than amazing.
Be absolutely positively awesome.


  1. Adrienne, thank you so much for linking up with us!
    One of my goals was to come up with another item for my etsy store.. something original and something tht sells. Feel ya girl!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


  2. These are awesome and I really like how you made this post! Good luck!

  3. Happy New Year Adrienne,
    First off, I love the look of this post! It's so cute!
    Making candles is a lot of fun, I actually made them as favors for my wedding (70 of them).
    I am totally trying to be better with what I am eating. I am also eating slower. I always feel like I am in a race with my husband to see who could eat the quickest and most.
    I have no idea what geocaching is...it's probably worth a google!
    Good luck with your resolutions!!!!!

  4. I like all of your resolutions but especially number 10! If you want any help advice or share an adventure, you know where to go.......
    Thanks for following CacheCrazy.Com and Happy New Year!

  5. These are awesome Adrienne! Can't wait to see all your drawings.

  6. These are all such great goals! I really hope you get to travel a lot. I hope to do some this year as well!


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