Okay, not my VERY first. But my first as an adult who can remember what exactly happened. Haha. I think the last eye exam I had was in the 4th or 5th grade. Don't judge me. I didn't know you were supposed to go regularly! 

In 4th or 5th grade, I decided that I needed glasses, not because I NEEDED them to see... but because the kids that I liked in my classes had glasses... You know, the cool kids were doing it! haha. So, the way that I remember it now, as a 25 year old, was that I faked it to get classes... 

I had always thought that I had wonderful vision. Until recently... it's been getting more and more difficult to see... crisply. Mostly with digital things like, the television, and the clocks on the microwave and stove. I can still tell what letters they are, but they're a bit blurry. 

I went into the office and did a pre-exam... And they blew fucking shots of AIR into my eyeball!! Pretty much the most unnatural thing to go through ever. It was slightly embarrassing because I jerked away from the damn machine like someone punched me in the pupil! 

During the official exam the doc said that I pretty much had 20/20 vision still but, had a slight astigmatism on both of my eyes causing some things to be blurry a bit. Until recently I never really noticed that I had this problem. I asked the doc why it would be now, and if this was something that can develop over time? She said no, not really, usually people are born with it, and since my eyes have equal astigmatisms, she thinks that I've always had this (so I actually DID need them when I was younger! haha, I guess I wasn't faking!). I asked her why would I notice now? And she said that it was probably due to the fact that I am getting older (a quarter of a century old y'all lol) and can no longer "fix it" with just my eyes. 

It was pretty amazing though, when she flipped the little lenses of the eye thingie (pardon my very very scientific terms)... I could see those fucking letters CLEAR AS DAY! 

I now need some assistance with some corrective lenses (glasses). She said it wasn't 100% necessary for me, but she said it would probably help and that I should give glasses a go. I also wouldn't need to wear them all the time. But she suggested to try them out for TV watching and night time driving. To see if it would even help.

She gave me the website Zennioptical* because they shipped here and were reasonably priced (very cheap actually!). When I got home from the appointment I jumped on my computer to see what kind of glasses I wanted. I was kind of really excited! Why?? Well... Everyone in my family needs glasses, more recently my mom and dad BOTH. Even husband has glasses! I kind of felt like the odd one out. Anyway, I had always thought glasses were just ridiculously expensive! I was happy to find the prices of the glasses at Zennioptical to be CHEAP! Six bucks and up?! YES PLEASE! Especially since I don't NEED them, or will be wearing them all the time. And, because I am just "trying" them out to see if they help, and if I can even stand wearing them!

You know what kind I picked? DORKY. yeah, that's right. I picked ones reminiscent of Jess from New Girl. Because I love her. And they're totally in style right now? Right? RIGHT?? Or am I one step behind again? 

Love 'em? Hate 'em? Wait no, don't answer that, because I don't care.

They're mine, I am waiting on them as we speak!

I don't have to wear them all the time. And, they're awesome. And they're mine. Again, the last question was rhetorical so, don't answer it, because remember... I don't care. :) 

I am happily awaiting for them to arrive in my CMR (mail box)! Who knows when they'll get here, but hey, it doesn't matter, because I spent a total of $28.90 on these suckers, including shipping! They'll get here someday! 

And you guys will be the first to know! 

I can't wait to take some photos of myself wearing some awesome Jess New Girl glasses. LOL! 

*Zennioptical did not contact or compensate me in any way to talk about them, their website, or their product. 


  1. I have no less than 10 pairs of glasses - 1 pair for nighttime driving, 1 pair of prescription sunglasses that I wear constantly outside and at least 8 pairs of reading glasses. I go crazy for reading glasses and they are cheap and I'm forever buying new ones and I swear I have a pair in every room around the house.

    Post a picture of you when you get them!

    I HATE when they do the air puff.

  2. During the official exam the doc said that I pretty much had 20/20 vision still but, had a slight astigmatism on both of my eyes causing some things to be blurry a bit. Until recently I never really noticed that I had this problem.
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