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Today was a nice (and freaking cold!) day! We got up, and then we were lazy... Lol and then we went down to the Christmas Market! I totally was a douche and didn't take any photos... But it's still going on until the 23rd, so hopefully I won't be lazy and I will go again. We bought some super cool things for gifts to send to people back home! They totally looked at us funny when I asked for ten of the same thing! Haha but it was worth it, and I had two glasses of kinderpunsch (yum!). I definitely need to go again and drink Gl├╝hwein next time. Haha

Then we ran some errands, got husband a video game that he doesn't get to open until Christmas. Cause we totally ordered an awesome gift for me, that I am not allowed to tell anyone about... Until its in my hands *big sigh*. I'll give you a hint! It's a shade of blue! Lol

So glad to have our Christmas shopping out of the way! I feel all awesome for being done, and not having to stress about it. The only thing that sucks is the next step, going to the post office to ship it all off. And silly me, no spare customs forms!! Which means, I get to go on Monday and fill them out while standing in the post office the whole time! I have to fill out nine of them!! *siiiiigh*. Oh well! It's a good thing I totally love filling out forms. I am such a geek!

Then!!! Husband made the most delicious carbonara ever!! It had chicken, broccoli, and shrimp! It was the best pasta I've had in a very long time! Way to go hubby! Husbands who cook, and clean, are the best!! I am thankful to my husband everyday for treating me so darn well! Way to go husband for starting off muh birthday month on the right foot!!

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