Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair -- A link up.

A link up, that I enjoy doing. Because I do things. Though, sometimes I suck, and I get it up late, like today. It's Sunday, and this is a Thursday link up. This last week has been kind of weird with snow, and much laziness.

1. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

Uhm, pretty self explanatory... It's my blog, my name is Adrienne. I've tried to be creative with it. But I feel that my name is pretty unique, there aren't TOO many Adrienne's out there. And, my name is just me. That's what this blog is about. Me. 

2. How long have you been blogging? What made you start?
I have been blogging since March of 2008, I think I could delete like, all my blog posts from that year, because... well... None of the photos show. LOL. I started out this blog as just a place to show my scrapbookiness, and to post about life. Well... Since like, 2009 I haven't really touched my scrapbook shit, and well... It's not me anymore. I just wanted to be cool and have a blog, a place on the web for people to go to and feel inspired. It's gone through so many changes, my blog, I thought I had to do give aways, and link ups galore, and... Then, I lost interest, until recently... And I've gotten back into it, of just blogging about things I want to blog about.

3. What is your blog generally about? 
About me, and the life I live. I think I have a pretty unique view about life... But I think I need to work on delivery... I can imagine my blog being kind of boring for a person on the outside of my life. But, that's okay. I just mostly like typing lol. A lot. 

4. Do you have any funny blogs you would like to share?
Specifically funny?? ehhhhh put me on the spot like that why don't you?!

Some blogs that make me laugh are A Wheel in the Ditch, a Wheel on the Track. The Spunky Poser, Gin and Bare it. My list is pretty short at the moment, I am trying to revamp the blogs that I follow.

5. What are your hopes for your blog?
I just want to keep my blog simple. I don't really care if I have a ton of followers, and I don't want to get on a blogging hype. I just want to type. Type about my day, you know, whatever. No judgement type of blog. I want to be able to bitch if I want to, and I will if I have something to bitch about. And then, I don't care if people stop following me.

One thing I wish would happen more, is comments. I wish people would interact more with me, but I know that is kind of my fault -- Maybe I am not interacting with them. I still have a lot of things to figure out. I see that I get a ton of views (a ton in my opinion, anyway... lol) but rarely have comments. But meh, oh well. I don't want my blog to be a stressful thing. I want it to represent me, and just be a place of my own. So I wont stress about the lack of comments I get. It's all good. 

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