And People Wonder Why I Don't Want to Go Back.

Because of all the bullshit that is happening in the states. Wasn't it just earlier this year that people were eating people's faces and shit? Then, shooting in that movie theater in Colorado... Then, in the last week a shooting in Clackamas Town Center (Mall) in Oregon (I grew up here!), and a shooting at a fucking ELEMENTARY school. Who, what, and WHY would someone want to do that? What the hell is wrong with people? 

It's been since I've lived in other countries, Korea, so since 2010 that I have not wanted to return to the United States. Yes, I am an American, but I wish I weren't. I am embarrassed at times to call myself an American...

Those poor children and people who were shot... Their lives cut short by a crazy person. It's unbearable. 

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