Sketchbook Sunday

I totally drew a santa. LOL. I was join in on #drawallthesantas on Google+... and after like, many and many crappy drawings... I finally came up with this guy. I got some flack for his striped hat... But my Santa can be fashionable if he wants to.

I don't know if I showed you guys this, but I went on a raccoon drawing adventure. I really want to better learn how to draw cartoonish characters from my own head. It's pretty hard! And I am so damn OCD... ugh. And apparently I am okay at drawing a raccoon straight on, but from any other direction it's proving to be quite difficult! 

I am hoping that "Sketchbook Sunday" catches on with me. Because I really do need to draw more. I used to be pretty darn good at it... And I need to get it back. I want to give myself a good enough reason to buy a wacom tablet so I can figure out how to do computer illustrating! I think it would be cool to do and then I could add some neat hand drawn stuff to my zazzle store.

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  1. Oh that Santa is so cute! I like the striped hat. It looks like he is wearing a stocking cap, reading a book, just chilling before bed. Haha.


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