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Yesterday husband and I headed out of the house in hopes to hit up a christmas market in Herrieden (less than 20 minutes away). We had heard that it was a tiny christmas market, but didn't care. Sometimes those are the best! We left the house around 1300 and got there around 1330, unfortunately... The whole freaking town was like, closed. It was ridiculous. I was hungry and hoping a bakery was open or something (Saturdays, usually, everything is open!)... It was unfortunate that everything was closed. We happened upon the Christmas market but it wasn't to open until 1600. So frustrating. I felt silly. But, what made up for it was getting some photos of the town. AND, there was this dog, and he just wanted attention. Haha, it was cute. He put his head to my leg and made me pet him, very demanding.

One of my favorite things about Germany is the many colors they use for their buildings!! It's AWESOME!
This has to be my favorite pic I took in Herrieden. It's so neat. And I had to try the new filter in Instagram, Mayfair, totally works for this photo. 
 So, since the Christmas Market in Herrieden wasn't opening until 1600, and the whole town was pretty much shut down, we decided to head out to Dinkelsbühl! Dinkelsbühl never disappoints! It is one of our favorite towns! It's a little touristy, but not as touristy as Rothenberg. And way better (in my most humble opinion) just because it is NOT full of random Asians... lol. Seriously, not that I have a problem with Asians, but they were PACKED into Rothenberg last time we went. lol. Asians are so cute with their cameras though, taking photos of everything. They are really the best tourists. They go everywhere!  

Back entrance into the walled city of Dinkelsbühl.
 We parked somewhere new this time around. We've been to Dinkelsbühl a couple of times since we've been here in Germany, and this time... We took a wrong turn and had to drive in the center of the walled city. Sometimes driving within a walled city is kind of stressful, and pointless... And loud (cobblestone), and... It kind of feels like your vehicle is going to fall apart. LOL. 

Anyway, so we drove all the way through, which was actually kind of nice! We found a parking lot to park in, and it was like, empty. Score. And walked in. I was happy to have parked there because I saw that under bridge (above) there was some interesting scenery.  

Interesting scenery. Ominous stairs. 

The two above views were what we saw as soon as we walked under the tower into the town.

Center of Dinkelsbühl. To the left of the tree is a big ol' church, but I forgot to take a photo of it.
Next stop, Dinkelsbühl Christmas Market. (Why didn't I panorama this??)

 Dinkelsbühl never disappoints. It's always so quaint and cute! We hit it up last year, but, I didn't even remember that we did until we got there this year. lol

Found this cute little booth that was different from the rest. And got a piece of flatbread with potatoes and pieces of ham on it. It was pretty good. Plain, but good, as most food is here in Germany.

While exploring the Christmas Market you can get a cup of Glühwein (hot mulled wine). And it's usually pretty darn good. We skipped out at the Market, but got to a restaurant and decided to get a cup there. The cookie was pretty amazing too.   

I want to live here too.

Another entrance into the city. 

I am pretty sure someone lives here. I am so jealous.
Ominous trees.
Overall, husband and I had a great day. Perfect for my birthday week. We ate at our favorite restaurant in Dinkelsbühl (I had chili, husband had Nürnberger Sausages). And did some walking around and bonding. It was great.

If you're ever in Germany, I definitely recommend Dinkelsbühl. :D

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