Muh Birthday Post! (a day late)

A very happy my birthday to you! :D
Was supposed to get this up last night... LOL. It didn't happen, I was too sleepy to finish.

The day started off with my amazing BlueBerry Muffins!! MMMMM You can make them too! With this Recipe! I had three... Yeah, they were that good. I think the best part of this recipe is the crispy topping. It really pushes these muffins over the top! 

After breakfast husband and I were pretty lazy. Which is good. I am allowed on my birthday! lol. It muh birrrrtayyyyy (I kept saying this all day! lol).

I finally got to open my present from my Finnish family!! 
Package from Finland!
My Finnish birthday hat! hahaha I also got some REALLY thick socks! hehe.
Muumi mug!! So exciting!! 
I finally got un-lazy and got ready for the day. Husband and I headed out to run some last minute errands, and check the mail. No mail. Pft. We get some packages from Soldier's downrange, and it's so disappointing to get something for them, instead of something for me! I don't think I will ever offer to let soldier's downrange send stuff to my address again! I always get so darn excited... and then to find out it's not for you. Pft. -- So since there was no amazingness at the post office, we headed to the PX to waste some time. I decided I really wanted these Tarot cards. They're just calling to me, I feel like... They're matching the kind of person I am right now. But, I think I am going to purchase them from Amazon instead of the PX because, they're $20 at the PX and... cheaper on Amazon. lol.

Anyhoot, we checked the mail ONE MORE TIME... Just in case... And no. Nope. Pft.

So we finally headed home, with things to do. I needed to make mashed potatoes, some brownies, and Swedish meatballs. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Got done with all that and headed over to my friend's house.

Had a nice food set up! There was Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Swedish Meatballs, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, and tons of sweets! We had like, no healthy food there at all... lol.

OH, and the day before yesterday, I made CHEESECAKE THUMBPRINT COOKIES!

They were pretty good. I found the idea on Pinterest. I think they turned out well. The cookie was soft and crumbly and the cheesecake filling was YUM! I think though, that I made the cookie ball part too big, and next time (if there is a next time) I would definitely make smaller ones. But they were good! haha

Koodge played tug with another dog at my friend's house for the first time that I had ever seen. We were pretty dog ridden over there! Total of 5 dogs! 2 small ones, and 3 bigger ones. It was really good for Koodge. Usually though, he is like, suuuuuper excited around other dogs, but I think all the girl dogs were pretty intimidating to him or something. He was very well behaved! Didn't nip at anyone or anything, but he did get nipped at lol. The other dog in the photo is his new girlfriend. haha. She was so sweet playing with him. I am definitely going to have to bring him along over to my friend's house more often. :D 

Birthday gathering was a lot of fun. I am so thankful to my friend for letting us have it at her house. She's got a lot more room than I do in mine. And lots more seating.

Pretty early on, a few of my friends left, and then husband was left with us girls (in the photo) I felt pretty bad for him! haha. He said he was okay though and didn't feel weird at all.

Husband was so good to me all day. He was the master cleaner-upper, and husbanator of the day. He is so amazing! 




  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday! I'm going to say it again.. Happy Birthday!!! lol I can't wait to try those recipes.

  3. i had so much fun! and yes koodge can come over whenever! essp since tila didnt care about him. *phew thank god*


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