Oh how I love Pinterest!

Bliss via Richonda
Oh I love this and think it is such a simple and great idea! Though, I would definitely use a different picture for the deer, like, one without the neck. I think I may do this one at some point. I am not sure, glitter is pretty messy. lol

Zolando via Kelly
Wow, isn't this coat gorgeous? I would so wear it all the time. I thought at first it was like, leather or something, but it's like peacoat material stuff. It's so purdy.

Compulsivelycompiled via M Rad
I love everything deer... Am I behind on the popular wheel?? Are they out of style yet?? I love love love deer and elk. They're so cute. 

Anthropologie via Me
I would wear the shit out of these gorgeous green earrings. OMG. Gorgeous.

FlourishCafe via Me
Loving artsy feathers lately!! I want some!! lol

Fuckyeahnailart via Leslie
Not that I have the skill or patience! But... HOW CUTE!!

jenniferramos via Lynda
I really do need a lot more coffee themed things!! Like, bad!!

My new favorite blog. IROCKSOWHAT. So completely inspiring! Eeeeeeeeee

voodoochaild via Chané
I WANT A KITTTTTYYYYYY. So bad. Boooo on husbands who say no!


  1. Great earrings. Great deer. I think 'The Hobbit' is going to bring elk into style in a major way. I'm only being a little bit facetious as I type that.


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