Being Thankful.

This November (maybe even December too?), I want to have a thankful post, every day... Now, I do not know if I will be able to do it every day... Because I do not like to commit myself like that...  But, at least once a week, I want to post a thankful post. I want to be thankful for things and realize how great I've REALLY got it! 

So, Thursday, November 1st
Today, I am thankful to be alive. I know this is very broad and general but, I am. I lead a very happy and great life. I live in Germany, and have traveled to many countries. -- This really boils down to being married to my hubby. He is awesome and I wouldn't be living this amazing life if it weren't for him.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for my future in laws! ;)

  2. Love this idea! Right now, I'm thankful for my Hubby. I just finished writing a totally sappy blog post all about him.

  3. Man, I'm not gonna lie: I haven't been "blue," or anything, lately, but I'm having a tough time thinking of something I'm truly grateful for at the moment. Work is absolutely kicking my ass on the daily (even on weekends), and I'm just starting to get sick of ass-chewings when there's almost nothing more I can do to avoid them.

    I guess I could say today I'm thankful for Chirpa. I come home from work, and her smushy little face is so excited to see me, and once she's completed the potty ritual, she's ready just to snuggle up and be content with me.


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