Do you have a smart phone? If you do, do you realize that you have SO MANY awesome freaking things at your fingertips to better yourself??

If you don't... Go get one, now. Because your life is most definitely not complete.

Alrighty, now that's out of the way... I have to tell you that I am a big fan of using my smartphone (iPhone) to better myself. It's not cheating, it's called using your resources. Duh. 

General Health Apps:
Now, I have an iPhone so I am going to link up with iPhone apps, but, I am sure for those of you with Android that the same, or similar apps can be found. 

MyFitnessPal is a great app and website dedicated mostly to counting calories. It is great to use for beginners, and advanced calorie counting peeps. You can also track your excercise, it gives you approximate calories burned, if you do not have a Heart Rate Monitor or anything. It's pretty amazing.

You do not have to have a SmartPhone to use their great service. MyFitnessPal is a fully integrated website to use on your phone or computer! They have apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phones. 

I am pretty new to Fooducate but I find it pretty nice in the grocery store when I am shopping. It will tell you the "grade" of the food you scanned, what's in it, and why it is or isn't good for you. It will also suggest a 'better' product to purchase instead. I found this really helpful yesterday when I was shopping for flour.

This app also has a great website too! I've learned a lot about foods that I eat with this app. (One of our goals to healthy eating is only eating foods that we KNOW what all the ingredients actually ARE in them, this helps a lot with that).

3) M. Calendar (for those of us who deal with *that* time of the month...)
When I wasn't on DEPO, this app was a life saver! I cannot remember when I had my last period for the life of me. Also can track your pain levels, among other things. I always thought that was pretty darn handy!

Though, I see, now that I searched for this one again, that there are loads of other apps for this same purpose. That is pretty neat! 

Fitness Tracking: 
I absolutely adore this app. It is perfect for tracking any activity!

I have used it to track (GPS even!) walking, running, and bicycling! It's awesome because it will tell you the miles, and how long it's taking you! It's wonderful. 

I even use it in the gym to track the time on how long I have been strength training.

It has been one of the most accurate and reliable apps that I use. It even guesses your calorie use! Which is most handy! 

You don't need the fancy Nike shoes, or Nike shoe insert to get great use from this free app! I love it. I use a lot of apps to track my running.

This app, however, ONLY tracks running. It's kind of nice though, it gives you little medals, and encouragement along the way. It integrates nicely with Facebook, making it so friends can "like" or comment on  your Nike+Running post, and you hear cheers for you to keep moving during your run. That is my most FAVORITE part about this app. People can encourage you right from the comforts of their own home. lol

Endomondo is another great all around fitness tracking app! It tracks great mileage with walking, running, and (I assume, but haven't tried it yet) cycling!

Endomondo has a great community full of fellow fit people who are ready and willing to give you encouragement along the way! The community also puts out great challenges all the time! Most calories burned, most miles walked/run/cycled. Short challenges, long challenges, whatever you can think of! They're great! People (your friends on Endomondo) can also give you pep-talks that you can hear during your exercise  It's pretty rad!

The ONLY downfall I find in this app, is when I am running inside on a treadmill and it does not track the time correctly. But, the good thing is, with all my other apps that I am running, I can just monitor, and change it on the Endomondo website. Great! 

This is a fairly new-to-me app as well. And guess what? I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! It's so freaking cool! It assigns a point system to any and all of your exercises! And then you can level up, participate in challenges, and make some really great fitness buddies!

I find that this app makes me excited to work out, and that's a really great thing for an app to have! I really recommend it! It's quite fun! 

This app is absolutely positively amazing. It has gotten me up off the couch, and running for 25minutes straight in 7weeks!! I love this app. It's FREE which is a huge bonus!

This app gives you tiny manageable increments to run, it's a 8/9week program, and is totally AWESOME. Totally doable! It is THE app to have if you want to get off your touch and get running!

It integrates with Facebook and lets all your friends know how freaking awesome you are. 

These are my most used and favorite fitness apps on my iPhone right now! I believe all of these (except Fitocracy -- which will soon be available for Android) are available for the Android phones too!

What apps do you use? What are you favorites? Any that I didn't mention here?? I am always interested in new and fun fitness apps! 


  1. Cool article Adrienne! Smart phones open up a whole new world! I actually just got one myself!

    I liked your FB page! Feel free to connect with me on there: https://www.facebook.com/alex.levandoski.3


  2. I just downloaded My Fitness Pal last night. I've never been a calorie counter, but I'm hooked. Now I'm totally fascinated by how many calories I intake. Sunday alone was scary in that regard. Looking good for today, though!

  3. My Fitness Pal is AWESOME. I don't have a smart phone, but I use it on the web. I've lost 9lbs in the past 6 wks, have found some great support, and learned a lot about nutrition. I highly recommend it.


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