Being Thankful 5

Sitting in the car, waiting for the downpour to...
...stop pouring... 
On Friday I had my doc appt to see what was up with my hot flashes, and some other things. The doc seems to think it has to do with my birth control, but I do not think so as I have been on this same birth control since March. I am thankful that she is willing to do some other tests to make sure it's not anything else, instead of brushing me off like some docs do! I had an EKG (normal) and a blood pressure test (normal) on Friday.

Anyway, I had to go back today to get some blood drawn. I was THANKFUL that the guy who draws blood is a fucking ninja when it comes to it. I barely even felt the needle go in! I told him he was like THE BEST EVER. Yes, in caps, and excited. lol. And he was like, "uhm, thanks". Pft, really, he is really good at his job. 

I am also thankful for the friends of mine who are willing to do things on a whim! Today I wanted to go to the thrift store off post so I posted on my FB, if anyone was wanting to go too, and I found out that my friends Sam and Stephanie wanted to go too! Yay! Girl date time! I got ready (which took ages, let me tell you, I've used a hair dryer for the 2nd time in my life today... and it is not easy! lol) and headed over to pick them up! The thrift store off post is always way more interesting than the thrift store on post... lol. It was a great time. I managed to pick up some cute tea cups that I want to turn into candles. I am so excited. I also found some large round glass ornaments for the tree, and it will be perfection. 

After returning to post, and going to the docs (mentioned above), I ran into another friend. So happy to have done so! We went to the PX then it started to DOWNPOUR, I was THANKFUL to have my umbrella with me! We then had some taco bell (I had Chicken Fresco Soft Tacos at 150cals each), and got to talk about some stuff! Always great running into friends!

I am so thankful to have a husband who is willing to put ingredients int he slow cooker for the always delicious soups in the evening! Thank you husband! Tonight's experimental soup was especially delicious!

I am thankful that my bestie came over tonight with some homemade cookies! It had been a while since she came over. And it was nice to just be hanging out around the table and talking! :D  


  1. Those are some SERIOUSLY cute teacups. I can't wait to see how your candle craft turns out!

  2. Omg those tea cups are adorable! I hope they get your hot flashes figured out =(


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