Being Thankful 6

I am thankful for the app C25KFree!! I have COMPLETED the 8 week program, and can run for 30 minutes straight with no walking breaks! HOLY CANNOLIES! It's so freaking cool. And in celebration I am signing up for the Turkey Trot on the 17th for 3.8k. lol. It'll be great! I am so excited! 

I know that I have posted about running so many times, but really people... It actually feels FREEING to be doing something awesome! I feel awesome! Today especially for being a C25K graduate. Seriously people, if you have been *thinking* about wanting to run, get the C25K free app! It was amazing and fun! Of course it was hard, but in just 8 weeks (longer for me, because you can repeat days if you want to, and I missed a whole month), you CAN run for 30 minutes straight!! It's FREAKING AMAZING. 


I am also thankful for my internetty friends! They give me so much support and compliments for my health and fitness goals! It helps so much, and gives me so much motivation to keep going! Especially when a friend dedicates a song to you for being a ninja! Just be aware... if you press play, you are dedicated now to be dancing like a fool! Haha. I had never heard this song, and it was amazing! 

In other non-runny life things -- 

My doc recommended I start keeping a food journal because sometimes when I don't eat right, I guess, I get the shakes. And I got this awesome glucose monitor yesterday. And had to use it today, because I got shaky. It was weird. Haha, and pricking your finger is not as easy at it looks. It's pretty hard. lol. To purposely injure yourself for some blood. Anyway, so it was at 61, so I ate something. I didn't know I was really hungry until I got shaky. Sometimes that happens. I thought I had a decent breakfast... but apparently not. The doc is recommending I eat a little bit of protein with every meal. I really got to work on that.

This morning, I was lazy and had 2 Kiwi fruit, Greek yogurt, honey, and almonds. But I guess that wasn't enough. I gotta add an egg or something to that.

Oh, so my food journal. I created a Tumblr blog for that, because it integrates with Instagram so well. If you're interested in it at all, here's the link. -- But I am sure it will be pretty boring. Just photos of what I ate, and little blurbs. I am definitely having a bit of fun with it. haha. I decided to make it a digi journal because I was like, PFT, no way in HELL am I going to write this down on PAPER when I can take photos and post it on the web for the whole woooorld to see! haha. 

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  1. Congrats and your C25k grad status! I don't know if they make an app for it, but I remember reading somewhere, long ago, that the same people have a program for 10ks, if you're interested.


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