Being Thankful 4

Today I am thankful for my husband. He is willing to put up with my childish antics, willing to deal and help me get through my mood swings. He is willing to try new things with me, and help me learn more about life. 

Finland mug! Favorite mug for tea!
He is willing to:
Run with me (even though his foot is messed up).
Load the same apps on our phones (syncing calendar and shopping lists here).
Create a budget with me. 
Teach me all that he knows. 
Put up with my silly questions and behaviors. 
Love me.
Travel to Finland to stay with distant relatives I hadn't even met.
Let me buy and eat as much German Ice Chocolate that I want! 

He supports me in all that I do from getting my lip pierced, to trying a new venture like candle making, creating online stores, photography, and many other hobbies that I no longer do. He is my biggest fan, and supporter. On every new venture, he is there, supporting me with good words and luck.

He knows that I haven't found that THING that I LOVE doing and want to do forever and ever, and he is willing to let me try all these things that come to my crazy little mind. He is amazing like that.

He wants the best from me, and I do my very best to give it to him. He wants me to be happy.

I am really one very VERY lucky girl.  


  1. That's awesome! Was that very recently you got your lip pierced?

  2. 1. I will be forever jealous of your Helsinki mug. It looks awesome.

    2. I don't know what German "Ice Chocolate" is, but I am intrigued.

    3. I was wondering if you were no longer doing your Zazzle shop. I was sifting through ita couple months ago wondering if I could request one of those state silhouette mugs with a Milwaukee marker on it (a gift for a friend; I've never been to Wisconsin). I hope you're enjoying your current endeavor, though!


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