Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair -- A link up.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair
I am exhausted. I don't know why. But it's very annoying. It's like, daily. Behhh. Anyhootles. --- Played some Pikmin2, not feeling so exhausted any more... lol

1. You're at Target or Walmart, what's the first department you hit? 

omg, Target and Walmart! I haven't been in the states since Oct. 2010... can you feel my pain? I love these places... lol

Target- Well, the Target I had back home, had the $1 bins, which I would glance at, but rarely purchase anything from. It's all so cheap *wrinkles nose*. I don't have kids or anything, so a lot of it was pointless. But then, there was the stationary... *drools* oh I miss it. They have the cutest cards and stuff. Gosh, then the scrapbooking isles. Then the household stuff. Then, I could be pretty much done there. But, then I go and look at the clothes. I rarely like a lot of the clothes at Target, but I am sure I would be all over them at this point in time! haha. -- However, I don't think I've ever stepped into the food section of Target.

Walmart - Man, it has been so long. But, I always went through the whole store when I was bored. I would do it again. I loved going into Walmart at like... midnight. Not so many people were there. I don't know my plan of action though. It would depend on which door I entered through... And I can't remember the layout. lol. 

2. What are 3 items you always have stocked in your home, fridge or pantry? 

Coffee, fluffy coffee for my Senseo machine. Mmmm. I love my coffee.
Toilet paper, obviously. It's the worst when you don't think about when you're going to run out, and then... you have to poop and you've got like... 5 sheets left on the roll. 

Fruit, this wasn't the case not too long ago... But recently I have discovered my love for fruit. Mmmm. Trying to eat better.

3. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others? Why? 

Well, it depends on what I am shopping for. Just something basic, and I have a plan of attack.. Then I like shopping on my own. Because I can get in and get out. I think this is one of the reasons that my husband married me. I don't really love shopping.

However, if I am shopping for clothes or something... or a dress, for something in particular. I like to shop with a friend to get that extra opinion.

In Sept. I had to shop for a dress that would work for Husband's homecoming, and that would work for this ceremony we went to. My goodness. I was actually having anxiety attacks thinking about shopping for a dress. I don't really wear them. And then, of course, since I am still pretty much a tom boy, I would need the accessories to go with it. Shoes, jewelry, jacket, etc... It was stressful for me. I hated it. 

4. What's the biggest splurge you've ever made? 

I remember when I used to do Shopping Therapy when I was younger. I spent like $300 in Fred Meyer in one go. I don't remember what all I bought. But, haha, ... I used a stupid credit card. 

5. What's the best deal you've ever snagged?

I don't remember these kinds of things. :/

I'm a tom boy. lol. Still... You would think one would grow out of these things... Nope. 

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  1. Well that just breaks my heart that you haven't been to Target or Walmart in so long!!!! Here, I will go for you tomorrow LOL!!

    jk ;)

    thanks for linking up with me babe!!
    I loved all of your answers!!


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