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Natalie Blair
Another week has come and gone, and what do I have to show for it? Some new cardigans and a sweater. LOL. That's right. I went shopping. And you know, I was looking around... And I decided that I really wanted to dress like Zooey Deschanel from New Girl, like, all the time. I really do.

I mean, she has the craziest clothes, and they're not really crazy like... Lady Ga Ga or something. But they're just crazy in the fact that sometimes she kind of dresses like an old lady. And when I was shopping yesterday, I decided that I kind of wanted to dress like an old lady. LOL. However, below is a photo from Season 2 Episode 4, of an outfit that I really loved of hers. Like, I loved it. Why? I am not sure. But I loved that she was wearing shorts and a very cute green polka dot sweater. I kept checking out her legs. I want to be her... (uhm, she's in the middle, by the way). 


So, the real question is... WHY do I NOT dress like her? Well you know, maybe it's because I do not have the guts to do it. Why does clothing take guts? I have no idea. I think I just need to build my confidence... Or something. Or I am just too cheap to change out my wardrobe... I don't know what it is. I definitely want to change this about myself. Why am I NOT wearing the things that I want to wear? Why is it so hard to change my 'style' (which consists of only jeans, t-shirts, and tanks. This year, I bought my first, real knit sweater pull over... Yeah... First one ever that I know of in my adult life. I change very very slowly! lol

Earlier in the year, I WAS going to be her for halloween... And then, I chopped off all my hair. Boo. I am lame. 

Anyhootles, on to the coffee talk questions, I guess! 

1. Pancakes or waffles?

Well, honestly, I like them both. HOWEVER, I love THIN pancakes. THIN THIN THIN. I think it's the Scandinavian in me. My grandma would always make from scratch the thinnest most delicious pancakes you had ever seen, with bacon. That's right, bacon baked right into them. MMMMM. 

And I do love waffles too, and I wanted a waffle iron so bad... And then we bought one on the economy at Rewe, and it was the worst. LOL. It totally didn't work well at all. :/

2. What is your go-to meal?
When I am home... I guess it's chicken sauteed in a pan, and then white rice, with broccoli. LOL. I know not very like, fancy or anything. Hahah. 

If I am out and about in town here, I either get Thai from The WOK, or I get some Mushroom cream sauce pasta from La Stella's. MMMMM.

3. What is your "must have" snack while watching a movie/TV show?
Hmmm. I never really thought of that. I don't always eat while watching stuff. But it always so happens that I am eating while watching Bones, and I regret it every time.

4. What is your guilt food(the kind where you are sad, lonely, etc. )?
Hahhaa. Ice cream. But it is not only for when I am emotional. But, it is the best thing ever. I love ice cream.

THOUGH. When I was in the states, and I was sad, I would ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream. MMMMM. 

5. What kind of food do you eat that is so disgusting to others and you are embarrassed to tell? Come on! Fess up!
The only thing that has been said to be disgusting was that sometimes I eat cheese and apples together. But I am not embarrassed at all. *shrug*


  1. I want to dress like Zooey too! But I don't have the balls to either! I love that girl! And her eyes! :)

    mmmm pancakes and bacon... that sounds really good right now HAHA!

    My husband loves Thai food.. I can't stand it! I do however, like their spring rolls!

    Ice cream is the shizzzzzzz!

    Apples and cheese sounds fine to me! I like to eat those at parties!!

    Thanks for linking up with me! Loving all your answers!!

  2. BACON PANCAKES. do it. it will change your life.

  3. I really really really love zooey's style. But I don't know where to begin trying to get her personal style. It isn't that I want to spend a fortune on clothes, or replicate her wardrobe completely. But I see her in magazines and can't help but become inspired!

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