Welcome Home Hubband!

Welp, I got the husband back! Woot. And I dressed all cute.

I was so stressed out. I was sweating like a pig. There I was just going into this room full of family members, and I could barely spot people I knew. I am sure everyone else was feeling similar to the way that I was.

The guys came in through the hangar doors, it was kind of cool, because they looked like they were appearing from thin air! lol. Out of the darkness!

My heart skipped a beat because I knew my husband was somewhere among that camo. Unfortunately he's tall, and our last name is towards the end of the alphabet, so he get's stuck in the back. It wasn't until they fell out of formation, that we found each other and made eye contact. lol

Here are some videos:

Koodge welcoming husband back:

Husband came home just a few days before our anniversary. It was very nice to have him here on our 2nd Anniversary! :)

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  1. Glad you have your hubby back home! I couldn't imagine..

  2. Happy Anniversary, and yay for homeocmings!


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