Reintegration and More.

Since Husband has been back, we've been busy little bees.

Husband had to do his reintegration stuff, and that was kind of nice because they only went in for half days (or less) so we had a lot of time to spend together!

The first thing on our Agenda was our Anniversary. We had a glorious day hanging out in Ansbach and hitting up our favorite restaurants all day. I even had ice cream. YUM. 

Then, I had my little Ceremony for the Weight Loss Competition I was in. There was a professional photographer there, and he did a great job taking photos of all the attendees. 

Since the Photographer was a friend of mine. I got away with making funny faces, and got some great shots of Husband and myself. :) Good ones to pass to the family.

Since we had so much time, we decided to head to the local pool. This was the first time that I had been there. Husband went there for some German Sportsmanship badge for swimming, and I was excited to go. Thankfully when husband got here, there was nice weather again! So we went and hung out in the sun. The Aquella (local pool) has this... "Lazy River" that they called it, and let me tell you... That river was NOT lazy whatsoever. I honestly... Thought I was going to drown. lol. It was more like a scary scary whirlpool!! 

It was really fun though, they had a few outside pools, and inside there was a long slide. Apparently, husband forgot how to go down slides, and all I could see was his silhouette scooching himself down the slide. LOL. I was busting up laughing.

I got caught in the evil web known as Mr. Choco, chocolately evil goodness... Made me gain like 4 lbs the first week that husband was back... It was pathetic. It was soooooo delicious. The first time I had this we were in Finland with my family. I ate a whole loaf of bread in 5 days. Yup... Husband had two pieces... 

412th is putting on a "Spouses Combat Day", and I can't say too much about it here (until it has actually happened) but, in preparation for shooting paintball guns, we got to go to the Electronic range! And OMG. It was so badass, I totally felt like a bad ass shooting some Army weaponry! And, I totally kicked ass. I got like 10/10 on the target shooting, more than once. And then we got to do some simulations where we were MPs going on calls and stuff. I totally kill shot a lady in the vagina, most hilarious moment ever. Yesterday I got to test out the activities at the obstacle course for tomorrow. That was really fun, but I can't post photos, because it hasn't happened yet... Can't spoil the surprise, photos to come! 

I am still loving running! It is going really well!! I usually am looking forward to it every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! haha. I think it's really been a great thing for me, and for Koodge. I think he really enjoys going out and running with me. We found a new route to run on, and it's great! A loop through the woods, perfect for when it's sunny... I get too hot running in the sun! 

Saturday was the dreaded Week5Day3 - 20 minute run. I had been anticipating it for a few weeks then and I was freaking out. That day, I had to take a three hour nap before even thinking about attempting running for 20 minutes straight! 


So there I was, freaking out about this 20 minute run. I decided to harness the power of the Suicide Awareness 3k t-shirt, a bright ass blue headband, bright ass blue shoes, and unshaven legs. Then I was off! Koodge accompanied me, and he did very well! We were running along, about at the 8 minute mark and my legs were beginning to feel very fatigued, and I was going up a slight incline. 

We ran into a couple with a puppy, they were trying to get the puppy to sit, and Koodge was being a perfect dog, just running along side me. Then, their pup couldn't handle it anymore and lunged aggressively at Koodge... Koodge being the pansy that he is, got scared, tucked his tail and just kept going. Poor Koodge, all he ever wants to do is play. While the other owners reprimanded their pup for not listening, Koodge and I kept trudging on, Koodge looked back a few times and I imagine he was saying something like "why did he do that?? *pout*". But Koodge was fast to get back on track. That little turn of events made the last 10 minutes go by slow, and much more difficult I think than it should have been. 

15 minutes in... I wanted to quit, and start walking. I was breathing hard, wheezing even, and wanted to BREATHE. lol. But... I didn't stop. Koodge told me to stop being a wuss and keep going. I just kept going instead of stopping. I really didn't want to have to tell anyone that I couldn't do it... didn't do it. I kept going.

Soon enough, my phone told me to "begin your cooldown". And I was SO happy! I didn't stop, or anything during the whole 20 minutes!! Yay! It was so weird to be not jogging anymore, my legs were still feeling like they should be in the motion of running. I was feeling all sorts of emotions... I wanted to QUIT running, I was thinking this was DUMB, I didn't LIKE the way that felt while I was doing it. It made me want to cry. But as soon as my breathing and heart rate returned to normal. I was just full on STOKED. I was so happy that I stuck to it, and kept on keeping on. I really enjoy it.

I then got to call my grandpa, who used to be a runner, and tell him all about it! He was happy for me! 


In other news, I bought this color to wear to Greece. Greece tomorrow! Hasta la vista! Registered & Protected


  1. Love your purple dress!! And that photo of you and your Hubs is fantastic. I hope you frame it!

  2. going thru a awesome purple phase i see :P


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