Things have been... going.

Things have not been good nor bad. I have just been floating along. You know what I mean? They days mix together and I rarely wake up and know what day it is. I always have to check my phone... Is that bad?

We've recently received news that husband is going to return early from deployment. It's very exciting. But I don't feel excited as of yet. It's kind of a weird change. To go from being alone, to not being alone. I just got into my groove of not being sad ALL the time. And I was feeling pretty good about that. NOT THAT I don't want my husband to come home. It's just an adjustment. It's all very good. And I am so happy that he gets to come back. It's just that, with the Army... You can't get your hopes up, and that's just what I am doing. I am not getting my hopes up, until he has his feet on the ground right in front of me!

Though, the thing I am happy about the most, about him coming back... is to have a decent conversation without the phone lines sucking, or the internet being shitty. It's so frustrating to be talking to your husband, and be so confused because either you can't hear them, or the internet is constantly cutting out... The worst.

Now that husband is coming back... I have to clean up this bachelor pad... I look around my house and honestly feel so overwhelmed at what all I need to do. I know I could just get it done in a couple of hours... But it sucks. I hate cleaning. SO. MUCH. I hate it. It will be nice to have my other half helping out again... Especially to take out the trash and recyclables. I HATE DOING THAT. So much.

I am also pretty nervous about the Redeployment (Welcome Home) ceremony. Bleh. I think it will be long and drawn out, and pretty boring. I just want to get in, grab my soldier, go home, and feed him. Lots of food. Until he pukes. LOL. Kidding. But I want to feed him.

Oh, and don't worry, I will be recording Koodge's reaction to husband and posting it ASAP! 

C25K is going really well, I think! Today marks Week2 Day3 (90secs running, 2 mins walking) and I am pretty excited about it. Week 3 looks hardcore, but I think know I am up for the challenge.

I have had tiny problems with running. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am falling apart. For instance, my C25K run on Thursday... Wow. While it went VERY well. I could breathe easier, and I finished it, I didn't do any extra walking, or skipping running parts... My shins, and right ankle were strongly protesting. I may have shin splints... but they just hurt while running. After I stop and recover from the run, they pound a bit, but stop and feel better. They are not making it so I cannot walk, and I do not feel pain while walking. So that leads me to believe that it is not so serious. However, my ankle... I've never really had ankle pain before... But it's not so bad today. I am definitely gonna give today a go, and see how it goes. Then I will have a 2 day break to hopefully heal all the way.

More running news, I downloaded the Nike+Running app, which is okay... I would say that it is kind of cool because it tracks your mile, 1k, and 5k. Neat for me anyhow. 

Nike+Running app was kind enough to tell me my time for my 1mi. I know 12:45 is not that great of a time. But, it is fast for me! I think it's great that it tells me these things, it gives me something to beat. Which is super fun. 

I also use apps like MapMyFitness, and Endomondo to track my mileage and times. When I go for a run, I have like 4-5 apps open, tracking, to see the differences in the apps. Maybe that makes me an overachiever... 

In food news... I have been eating a lot of strawberries and kiwi. They're delicious on their own, or together. Speaking of, I am out, and need to buy some more... But I am having problems with motivation and good moods today. I am kind of grumpy and don't really want to leave the house. 

I have lost another 2 lbs in the last couple weeks, that makes for 29lbs lost. I cannot wait until it hits 30 lbs. What an accomplishment! 

I am always taking photos while on my run. I wonder if that makes me slow... haha. But I love it. It's a lot of fun to find new things to take photos of. 

Anything new going on in your life?


  1. I just wanted you to know that I think you look fabulous in your new pic! Keep up the good work!

  2. please record koodge. i know how you feel about your husband coming home. when i would get to see matt after awhile sometimes i would feel that he wasnt a real person, or it wasnt really gonna happen....etc I also feel the same way about the redeployment.

  3. I couldn't help but laugh when I read that line, "I just want to get in, grab my soldier, go home, and feed him. Lots of food. Until he pukes."

  4. That's great news! I hope readjustment goes smoothly for you both. Can't wait to see Koodge's reaction!

    I think it's great that you take so many gorgeous pictures while running. If that makes it an enjoyable activity for you, I say go with it!

  5. I really need to get in on this couch to 5k thing. I've pinned it, but I haven't done anything yet. Haha. Always a planner, never a do'er.

    Umm, I'm blogging again. So, that's new. (:


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