Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair -- A link up.

Coffee Talk with Natalie BlairSo, I haven't done a link up in a VERY long time. But I was reading my friend Kara's Blog and saw that all the cool people are doing this link up with Natalie Blair, I read through Natalie's blog the other day and she can be pretty funny. I like the way that she is pretty outspoken in her blog, and even though, apparently she's toned down her cursing (which I would have rather enjoyed... lol), she seems like an alright gal.

By the way, those of you not interested in reading this linky, I am working on my blog post from Greece. :) It should be up soon!

1. What is your daily routine? 
Really? My daily routine? Well... I don't have a kid, just a dog... So my only normalcy during my days is taking him out to pee when he says he has to go. lol --- So there isn't really a time line. And I don't normally have to get up by a certain time.

So, my day usually goes something like this:
Wake up to cuddly, ear-tucky puppy. 
Make coffee. 
Eat breakfast.
Take puppy out to pee. 
Do whatever, shower, etc... 
Afternoon -- 
Take puppy potty. 
Make dinner... 
Do whatever... 
Take puppy potty... etc etc. 

Pretty boring if you ask me. I don't work since I live in Germany and don't want to do anything that is available to do on post. So... meh.

2. What's in your beauty regimen? 
Who calls it that? hahaha. I don't... Though I was thinking about saying something really corny like... "Time for me to put on  my face.." haha. Or something. I dunno. Haha.
So, usually I shower, and then I brush my hair... lol. And then, I put on some face lotion... Do you really want to read about this?? I use some German brand foundation, liquid, matte style. And then I use cover girl loose powder... powder. I use German "natural" liquid eyeliner, and then covergirl "natural" "water resistant" mascara. Then, I religiously use Soft Lips vanilla chapstick. :D

In the evening I use this "Simply" brand (I think) exfoliating face wipes to wipe off my make up.

Pretty boring. 

3. Are you a morning or night person? 
I love both. I like the mornings because, if I get up earlier, I don't feel like I wasted the whole darn day sleeping. I hate when I do that. Which, I kind of did that today, waking up after 10am. :/

But I really like the night too, the night sky... The moon. Man, night is beautiful, the day is beautiful. No way I could pick.  

4. What do you eat for breakfast? Or do you skip it and go for brunch? 
I have been consistently eating breakfast for nearly a year now. I try to eat right around the time I wake up. I always wake up starving. lol. I love having anything for breakfast. It's not usually the same. Though, for a while there, I was having shakes for breakfast. Now, I am working on having real food more often. I was doing the Body By Vi thing... And i still do it every once in a while. But not as religiously as before.

Yesterday I had this, a bunch of fruit. And some cucumber. My it was amazing. I really love fruit, I don't think I really realized my love for fruit until just recently. I can eat it ALL THE TIME. :) 

5. How do you wind down at night? 
I feel like I am rarely wound UP. But, my night routine is having a cigarette (You're not the only smoker, Natalie lol), playing on my iPhone, brushing teeth, getting in bed with husband and puppy, surfing my iPhone, and finally going to sleep. 

Gosh, I am boring.

6. What time do you go to bed or what is your normal bedtime?
I don't have a set time. When husband is working, I try to go to  bed with him. Sometimes I stay up longer, but I don't really like it when I do that. I think sometimes that happens when I feel like I need a bit of alone time or something. So that time is usually around 10pm. Lately, when husband is on vacation, anytime is a good time for bed. LOL. Usually really late. Like... midnight, or 1am. Last night, 0230. LOL. Oh well, we can do that sometimes! 


Well that was fun.  lol. I really like talking about myself. But, sometimes these things make me feel really super boring... and kind of lame. lol. Oh well.  -- If any of you read this far, THANKS! lol. -- I hope to do some more linkys, I think it might get me back into blogging. :D


  1. Well I love all of your answers!! I have NO clue why I said "regimen" LOL!!

    Ahhh.. you are a smoker like me! I am so glad that I am not the only one!!

    Our night sounds pretty much the same! Except, replace the puppy with 2 kids HAHA!

    Thanks for linking up with me! XOXO

  2. I'm glad you linked up! Maybe it's narcissistic, but I kinda like answering questions about myself, ha!

    Well, it looks like you and Natalie are in good smoking company... with me! I'm hoping to stop soon, but first, cigarettes need to stop going so well with coffee. Fat chance of that happening. They also need to stop calling my name when work gets on my nerves/overwhelming/boring, etc. I'm a Camel patron myself, you (just curious!)?

  3. Well I'm right with you on being a morning and night person...although I'm often told I fall asleep way too fast at night! haha!
    Body by Vi...I've heard a lot about it, does it work?
    Andie's Traveling Pants


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