Greece -- Very long. Yes, very picture heavy. I am too lazy to break this up into many posts. So if you get bored... Meh. lol

So, it was 4:45am and I got up early so I could get ready. And then we were off to the Munich airport (2.5 hrs away). So early in the morning. Our flight was at 10:20am. We were lucky enough not to run into any staus (traffic jams), or too much constructions. We left extra early just in case those things happened. 

We booked this all-inclusive trip through SATO and they had everything all together!  We bought parking, and it was so awesome, the people at the parking area took us to the airport, and when we got back, they brought us to our car, very good and prompt service. I was happy with it.

In the Munich (and most other larger airports in Germany) they have smoking lounges. Which I think is awesome. And this one was a Camel brand smoking lounge. And in this one, I really liked this sign here, it says "It's all about the journey", and it really hit home. 

We flew with Aegean Airlines, and they were really great! Even though our flight was only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, we got a meal! And it was actually good! The flight was nice, and it seemed to be more roomy than the RyanAir flights, the seats also went back. I usually sleep on flights. lol. 
Flying over Thessaloniki, Greece. It really wasn't like I had imagined. I imagined like, Santorini, but, it's fine that it wasn't. It just wasn't what I expected. LOL. I do that to myself a lot. I wasn't disappointed though.
Love seeing this view.

This was taken on the 2hr bus ride to the hotel from the airport. Gosh, it was really interesting seeing this part of Greece (the Kassandra Peninsula). There were a ton of unfinished buildings, and it just kind of looked dumpy for a first time visitor. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. I did end up feeling a bit disappointed when we got to our resort... But husband was very good at turning my attitude around! He is such a good husband. He knows just what to do! :) 

We got to the resort in time for dinner, and after dinner we went for a walk down to the beach. Guess what we saw!?

 A freaking octopus! OMG. A real live, in the wild octopus. Man it was so unbelievably cool! I was just standing like, in an inch of water, and it totally tried attacking my feet! It was crazy! And it was small, though, husband will say it was a giant man eating octopus! lol. You'd never know with this photo. I just wish there was light out so that I could have gotten a better photo! lol.

We didn't 100% know the way back to the resort, but we made it back in one piece. And then. I decided that I should run. So we did. 

With glow sticks (Chem lights, for those of us in the Army world... lol). It was awesome. Husband totally ran with me. And I was so proud of myself for running while on vacation. And it was actually really great running with husband. We used glow sticks since it was dark outside, and we didn't have anything else for light. We were running on a street, and we wanted to be sure we were seen. It was so great. 

Unfortunately, that was the last time I ran... lol. I am home now with the remnants of a cold. :( 

Every night we went to the outside bar. They had free drinks etc, since it was an all inclusive resort. You know, for some reason... I didn't want any alcohol at all. And I still don't, I haven't had one alcoholic beverage save the one at the Edelweiss lodge in the hot tub when I was on the spouses retreat, and it wasn't even good... So anyway. I don't want it. It's kind of weird. I thought that I would take advantage of this opportunity to drink some drinks because they'd be free. But I didn't, instead I had about a million dollars worth of free cappuccino. lol. 

Husband felt awesome and classy because he had his cigars (he got into the cigar thing in Afghanistandland -- Not that he didn't have an occasional one before.. but now he has little... cigar boxes, all special to make sure they don't go bad. lol. So he felt classy, having a brandy or scotch or something, and a cigar. lol. On vacation. I dunno, don't ask me. lmao.
Our resort area. 
 One of the days we took the public bus (which was kind of expensive), to the next couple of towns. We had no idea where we were going. Or which town to get off at. LOL. I think we spent over 15euro on the bus that day... *raises eyebrow* we were so lost lol. But it was so worth it. I had a gyro for the first time. And we found this great bakery that sold cookies individually, omg. Cookies. They were so delicious. It was pretty worth it. I liked that a lot of the cafes had free Wifi. lol. Germany doesn't really have that (well, in our area, I dunno about the bigger cities). 

*Jumps up and down* 


I won.

We decided to book a boat tour. It was kind of fun. Though, there were two levels to the boat, and the bottom level made me feel sea sick. Thankfully I didn't like, puke or anything, but I definitely wasn't feeling... GOOD. -- When we got off the boat somewhere, we decided to sit on the upper level. That was much better. 

So, from a certain angle, this island looks like a turtle, and the locals call it Turtle Island. :D Too bad I didn't get a photo from the right angle. :( boo.

We had coffee and Ice cream here. It was awesome. To be sitting there, in a different country, sipping on some (strong ass) coffee, eating ice cream, smoking my cigarettes, lol... It was awesome. In the second photo there, it's the place that is in focus. :D 

This is where we got to jump into the Aegean Sea from the boat. It was exciting. But I was SO scared. LOL. 

Our last day, we rented a car. I drove in freaking Greece. LOL. It was awesome! Anyway, we rented a car because we wanted to drive up to Thessaloniki and find the starbucks so that I could get my Greece mug. Hehehe It was fun. 

The White Tower.
 The best part of the trip was when we decided to go to this cave. It was a tourist attraction, and we met a couple there. She was kind enough to translate for us. She was so nice. We thought that it was so nice, that we asked them if they'd like to get food with us. It was so cool because we all just hit it off fantastically. We ate at a restaurant that she suggested and had been going to with her family since she was a child. And the food was DELICIOUS. We ate family style. And YUM. We talked for HOURS. Husband and I had all these plans, and didn't do them because we were having such a great time with this couple. It was awesome. I loving meeting new people, and making new friends. :D

 On the way back to the resort from food, we stopped at Sani beach. It was suggested by the lovely couple. We wanted to swim, but our freaking GPS wanted to take us on every back olive tree orchard road all over the Kassandra Peninsula! Bitch GPS. We called her Jugs. lol. We made it on time for the most beautiful sunset, ever. Honestly. It was gorgeous. 

Our trip over all was great. I think it was a great way for husband and I to come back together after deployment. It was so weird being apart from him and then suddenly being together again. This was a perfect way to find each other again. I feel happy about it. And closer to my husband than ever. We talked so much, I learned a lot about him that I didn't really know. I feel great about it. I love my husband! 


  1. Ahem! Mug pictures?

    Also, those beach sunset photos are AMAZING. So beautiful. Greece is definitely on my go-to list. I'm glad it was the perfect opportunity for you two to reconnect!

  2. I love your pics!!! I need a fish eye lens! or is that an app??!

    I'm totally jealous you got to go to Greece! I need to hit a few more places in Europe!



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