Well. I did something "wild and crazy" today. I took a leap. A leap of change *nods*.

 Before and after. By the way, my hair is not colored red, it was the lighting and the filter on Instagram. lol. Though, after seeing this color... I am kind of thinking about dying it... 

My friend who cut my hair!
I did it. I felt like it. *shrug* It's been a long time coming. I was really super nervous, and when I get nervous, it makes me have to poop. I swear I pooped like 13435 times before leaving the house this morning for my appointment! Haha. 

My friend is a hair stylist person, and she's been here for about a year now, and I told her that when I wanted my hair cut, I would go to her. She just recently got a job at the salon on post, (yay for you friend!) so I think that was a little push for me to go. I want to support her, in her job because she's a rock star. 

The lobbed off hair. Of which I had
to ask her to throw it away because
it was completely grossing me out!
Anyhow. During my hair cut I was all kinds of nervous. Asking a TON of questions, and just wondering what the hell was going on! LOL. I pretty much am a no frills kind of girl, and the last time I went to a 'professional' for a cut, I went off on the economy (aka, a German place) and got it cut. I didn't like it much, but didn't care about it all that much either. But before that... I had been cutting and trimming my own hair for years. I didn't see the point of going into a hair place and paying for it when I could do what I wanted all by myself. 

The inspiration
I am glad my friend was patient with me. There was a point where I thought I may cry a little. LOL. I was like WHY IS IT SO SHORT?! What the HELL? It DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE PHOTO!! Is it going to look like the PHOTO?! What are you doing to me!? -- I still don't think it looks much like the photo, but that's okay, I like it how it is. Now, apparently, says my hair gal, I need to get a blow dryer. I told her I would contemplate it, if she would show me how to use it. I'm telling you, a no frills kinda girl over here. 

I think the cut works on me. I posted it on FB and a lot of people said they liked it, which helped with my anxiety. Because... My appointment was at 1300, and well.. Since I woke up at 10am, my anxiety was in high gear. It finally didn't go away until about... 1530 when I was half way through my work out at the gym. It was craziness.

And whatever straightener she used on my hair, was amazing. It was probably a really spendy one too... lol.

Anyway, not much else going on. So I will leave you with my teeny tiny itty bitty little pony tail. hehe. 


  1. I think the new 'do looks great! I'm glad you included the teeny tiny ponytail picture, because if there's one thing I can't get on board with, it's working out with my hair down. I'm glad you can still pull it back! And the red hair color really would look great on you.

  2. LOVE the new hair!! You're so brave to make such a giant change and it worked out so well!


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