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I have really been thinking about how I said I was really interested in joining the reserves. Upon much contemplation... Maybe that really isn't for me either. I just went to that because, it's always been a way out for me. But this time... there is nothing that I want out of. Probably just wanting out of this stupid deployment and to get my husband back. It's an option I am willing to revisit when we get back to the states. 

One of the reasons I was thinking about something TO DO is because... well, I believe I am at that point in my life where I feel like... I don't really have a direction. I am nearly 25 years old... and I've got nothing to show for it, career wise. And what am I doing? I mean, there are LOTS of great things that I AM doing... But I don't make money... I kind of feel like a leech. I am glad my husband still loves me, even though I am practically a leech. Oh well.  I do think though, that the reserves was just ... an out, of some sort. An out I honestly do not need to take right now.

Something else I HAVE been thinking about is WHAT do I WANT to do with my life? Nothing really sticks out... I don't know what I LOVE to do. And that bothers me. I guess I have some exploring and learning about me to do...

Everything else:
I spent most of my run
on 6 Aug dodging these guys...
Deployment: Everything else is going pretty well. I am finally feeling that I am at a point in this deployment where I am not constantly depressed. And the days aren't dragging. This is awesome! However, R&R is somewhat soon and I am nervous that this is going to be something that starts all over again. *sigh*

C25K: Well, I believe I last left you guys with my second day of completion. However. *BIG SAD FACE*. I finished week one with flying colors! And then, did day one of week two... And got shin splints. 

Shin freaking splints. And I thought I did so well... It sucked. So I had to stop and go on a mission. A MISSION OF FINDING THE RIGHT SHOE. I was so sad to take a break from C25K because I was really really enjoying it! I never would have thought I would ever say such a thing!! I ENJOYED running, because I WANTED TO! And now, that I can't at the moment. I am pissed, and grumpy about it. 

ANYWAY. About my mission. I did some research about feet online, and then looked up corresponding shoes. In found out that I have a high arch and I should be wearing "neutral" or cushy shoes. I found a bunch that I would be interested in. But what finally worked out and come into the store I ordered from TODAY was: *drum roll please*

The Nike Pegasus+ 29
I was so freaking excited. I have been waiting since THURSDAY for these shoes! LOL. They came quick. And they're BRIGHT ASS BLUE. I love it. They match my ear buds... You know, that's totally important... LOL.

Anyhow, I took a walk in them today... 2.5 miles. And they rubbed the back of my heel raw. I am not sure what to do about that... It totally sucks though, right? So, I am going to invest in some blister band aids, and hopefully they break in enough so they don't rub me wrong. Believe me, I've got to make these shoes work... Unless they give me shin splints too... They were over $100... That makes me feel guilty as it is! 

I am wondering though, is it possible that they were laced wrong? I found these suggestions on lacing up your running shoes, and I think I am going to try they one that says it stops the heal slipping. Or... could it have happened because I was WALKING (trying to break them in before running) in shoes that were made for RUNNING?? Who knows?

I honestly didn't know that there were so many different type of shoes for EVERYTHING. Hiking (that's a duh), Training (gym work outs?), Trail RUNNING, Trail WALKING, Shoes for concrete, shoes for not concrete... Man, there are SO MANY. Do people who do all these things honestly have a shoe for each different thing?? So they have like 437589748975 billion different tenni-runners? I find it overwhelming. And why does it matter now? It surely didn't matter what kind of shoe I wore to do what in my high school years... man. Life is so much harder when you're older! lol.

Activities: The other week, there was a high wire act on post, it was kind of interesting and set up kind of like a German festival would be set up. Big fest tent, and food vendors. It was kind of cool to see all the FRGs out there selling foods. :) 
It was kind of cool... But kind of lame too. Apparently they did all the good shit for the midday show. Pft. Lame asses! 
On my shoe search, I did end up going to some Sport Outlet stores (Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Adidas) they weren't all that great priced, but I went to the puma one, because it was so freaking gorgeous on the outside! I loved it. I love red on things like, buildings.
I also got a really good deal on work out tank tops and a swimming suit!! That was really exciting. I got all that for under 30euro! WOOT. 28 euro to be exact! It was awesome.

Anyhoot, not much else to tell you about right now. I am having a difficult time with these stupid photos today. They're not doing the things that I want them to. Grrrr. Stupid Blogger. 

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